Has Veganuary Convinced You to Make a Major Lifestyle Change For 2021?

As we approach the end of Veganuary, you may be reviewing how much you've missed your Sunday morning bacon and eggs or, Friday night cheese board. Maybe you haven't missed meat and cheese as much as you thought and are gearing up to embark on a plant-based diet for the rest of 2021. You may have noted changes in your energy levels, skin and hair too. Whether it has been a good or bad experience for you personally, well done for seeing the challenge through.

Skin Is In: The World's Top 5 TikTok Skinfluencers

Those of us with an interest in beauty will have noticed the seismic shift from makeup to skincare this year. Things have changed drastically even beyond the rules of lockdown and social isolation, with trends around beauty being one major industry that has evolved a great deal in a short period of time. Skincare has skyrocketed in popularity, with record-breaking sales meaning it has overtaken makeup as the highest-earning beauty category.

Acesulfame-K Market Innovation Trends, Current Overview, Offerings and Explosive Growth 2027

The demand for the variety of food and ingredients has increased significantly in recent years. The increasing concern of people towards their health has led to the adoption of alternative food and ingredients that can enhance their health. One such product that is being used by people is acesulfame-K. The acesulfame-K is an artificial sweetener that is used by people as an alternative to sugar in order to lose weight. The acesulfame-K is sweeter than sugar and stimulates the taste buds of the person after consumption