LSG launches “QuickLBR”,

Published: Thu Nov 23 2017

LSG US LLC today announced the worldwide release of QuickLBR™ (URL ) - the first of its kind ??" web application for Legal Bill Review. QuickLBR™ comes with a unique pricing model, not % based on the $$$ of invoice, but charged by the billing line item/entry. This drives an effective rate which is less than 50% of other Legal Bill Review vendors.

“There is growing demand in the market ffastfor high-quality legal bill review solutions with maximum automation through machine learning and AI. Quality of service and results achieved are adversely affected by the fact that most Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) systems are not designed for optimizing the bill review process.” - said Gary R. Markham, CEO, LSG.

Gary added: “We are able to offer our QuickLBR™ at a lower price point, because of the level of automation incorporated in the LSG bill review system, which dramatically reduces the amount of human effort. This drives high-performance, high-quality legal bill review at a lower price.”

Further, our ground-breaking and unique pricing model is not based on a % of legal spend! Gary explains: “For more than 20 years, clients have been overcharged for bill review services. We charge per line item which is unit-based. The greater the number of line items, the lower the unit-price. On average, we can save the client 50% or more on its bill review operational costs. For larger clients this saves $$$ millions on costs each year, without compromising on results, quality or turn-around times. Clients should no longer pay on the basis of the $$$ value of their invoices, which are not the property of the bill review vendor. This is unfair, biased towards the vendor and not cost effective to the customer.”

The service is delivered independently or into the client’s existing platform infrastructure and plugs directly into any implemented claims, matter management and e-billing software, via secure API.

QuickLBR™ is deployed via a fast-track method, which is seamless and least disruptive to claims and legal operations. Based on a powerful LBR engine, the service offers fast turn-around-times, high quality analysis and excellent financial results to the customer. Client users receive an online experience that makes this process effortless and very cost effective.

To learn more about QuickLBR™, please visit (URL)
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