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  • Topaz Partners Continues to Expand Reach Across Technologies, Geographies with Addition of New Clie

    A leader in technology PR and social media relations, Topaz has added a number of new clients throughout the past year and enters 2009 with a client base that ranges from new media/marketing to industrial tech, wireless technology and enterprise IT. In addition to demonstrating the agency’s broad technology focus, these new clients reflect Topaz’s broad geographic reach.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 23 2009)
  • 'The Janeen Mansour Celebrity Shoe Drive' If the Shoe Doesn't Fit… Throw It

    Saints Of The Underground, created by members of mega-groups Ratt, Warrant, and Alice Cooper, are launching their debut CD on April 22nd entitled, "Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner," mixed by legendary Producer Andy Johns of The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin fame - UNIVERSAL MUSIC DISTRIBUTION

    (Filed: Fri Jan 02 2009)
  • The Author, Jahzara Publicly Acknowledges Sponsors


    Jahzara, in association with publisher, Tranquil Moments LLC, proudly recognizes her sponsors for their generosity, support and dedication to the 2008 literacy project and making the publication, Love Don't Live Here, possible.

    (Filed: Wed Dec 03 2008)
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