Hughes set to speak at inaugural TransLog 2009 Conference

From: ResQ Track & Trace
Published: Tue Apr 28 2009

Chad Hughes, founder and president of ResQ Track & Trace, has accepted a speaking engagement at the forthcoming TransLog 2009 conference in Hamilton this June 17-18, targeting professionals in the supply chain, transportation and logistics industries. The two-day conference is being hosted by McMaster University and its theme is “Innovative Theory and Practice”, according to event organizer Darren Scott. Other speakers include Paul Bates, Dean, Michael DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University; Raymond W. Johnston, President, Chamber of Marine Commerce; Leslie Woo, General Manager, Policy and Planning, Metrolinx; and James Perttula, Manager, Goods Movement Policy, Ministry of Transportation.

According to Scott, the inaugural conference offers an opportunity to share knowledge, perspectives and innovation with colleagues and to learn about the latest developments in transportation research and practice in addressing critical transportation and logistics issues. TransLog 2009 will provide many opportunities for interaction with speakers and other attendees, including speaker presentations, panel session, poster sessions and breakout sessions.

Hughes will speak on the following critical topic related to Logistics and Goods Movement: Impact and Implications of GPS-enabled Tracking and Delivering Competitive Productivity on Thursday, June 18 at 10:30am in McMaster University’s Student Centre 3rd Floor. He will deliver a 20 minute presentation and answer questions from attendees afterward. “Long gone are the days of CB radios delivering critical messages to dispatchers and head offices,” says Hughes. “Valuable assets today, whether people, vehicles or entire fleets in the air, on water or on land, and in fact goods in transit, are being tracked very efficiently and effectively by gps-enabled systems.”

ResQ is partnering with many companies to deliver innovative solutions and the future looks bright for transportation and logistics managers ??" enabling clients to remain competitive. “Due to orbiting satellites and the on-going evolution of technology,” he concludes, “global positioning systems have been providing precise remote navigation and routing options for decades, and are now mapping new roads across once barren and constantly changing landscapes.”

ResQ Track & Trace Technologies is focused on the delivery of customized telematics and integrated data communications solutions and business processes. With an expanding national footprint and offices in major markets, ResQ services clients in verticals such as intermodal transportation, oil & gas, construction, limousine, EMS, courier and delivery fleets.

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