"Medi-Politics" Radio Archive Now Under Construction

From: JM Shapiro Healthcare Marketing Research
Published: Thu Oct 11 2007

Jack M. Shapiro, host of the famous nationally-syndicated radio show, “Medi-Politics,” announces construction of the “Medi-Politics Radio Archive,” the audios of which will be found on his website: www.jackshapiro.com

From 1997-1999 Jack Shapiro was the host, writer and producer of “Medi-Politics,” a nationally-syndicated, hour-long radio show which appeared on the TalkAmerica Radio Neworks. Every Sunday afternoon, “MediPolitics” reached 31 million people from coast-to-coast and on the internet (Marketron, Spring 1998).

The show’s concept was to focus on the future of healthcare by examining advances in medicine, the political issues related to healthcare in America, medical ethics and legal consequences, as well as how media covered these issues. “Medi-Politics” was America’s private seminar on healthcare.

Jack Shapiro conducted in-depth interviews with almost 400 thought leaders in medicine, scientific research, politics, law, bio-ethics, authors, members of the media, academia, government administrators, and Nobel Prize winners.

The value of these shows is due to their universality. The same issues still remain today, seven years later, largely unresolved and even more serious than ever. The Medi-Politics Radio Archive will permanently chronicle the evolution of these issues and where future trends are likely to take us.

The Archive will be an on-going free source of information for journalists, writers, scholars, and anyone in the general public interested in the history of modern healthcare.
The “Medi-Politics Radio Archive” will be made available free to the public but, of course, there are significant costs in programming these famous tapes for internet usage. Contributions to this historic undertaking will be greatly appreciated and can be mailed to the address found on this press release. If you would like to read more about the “Medi-Politics” radio show, please go to: www.JackShapiro.com.


Jack M. Shapiro is an internationally-known healthcare marketing researcher, consultant, futurist, broadcast journalist and public speaker.

Jack includes among his clients major companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and insurance companies, advertising agencies, hospitals, and manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies and devices. Often quoted in the healthcare industry, general business, and lay publications, Jack has been a frequent guest on national television (ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, PBS and abroad on BBC and ITN) and radio as a commentator on healthcare trends and politics in the United States and overseas.

From 1997-1999, he was the host of “MEDI-POLITICS,” a nationally-syndicated radio show focusing on the politics and future of healthcare as well as key legal and ethical issues. The show reached more than 40 markets in 26 states (31 million people in-audience) and around the world on the internet.

Jack has spent 40 years in the healthcare field, both in the U.S. and abroad. Before forming his successful research and consulting company, he held high-level management positions in marketing and market research with healthcare giants such as Wyeth and Pfizer.

He is currently writing a book about the future of American healthcare based on his long experience in the healthcare industry, in-depth interviews with leading experts who appeared on his radio show as well as on-going poll results generated by his market research company.

Recently Jack was the event host and master-of-ceremonies at the “Global Pharma R&D Summit,” attended by over 250 top pharmaceutical scientists from around the world. Jack is also available to speak and write on future healthcare trends and is well-known keynote speaker.


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