What An Ideal Medical Call Center Should Be

From: CareNet
Published: Wed Nov 04 2009

Nowadays, healthcare services are made available to everybody no matter what their socio-economic state may be. No matter where you are, you are always sure to receive medical attention when needed the most. This is made possible by the sprouting of medical call centers in different parts of the globe particularly in the US, where in healthcare is a controversy these days.

In todayís world, more and more people are experiencing an imbalance in their health because of unhealthy lifestyle. Each and every day new cases of chronic illnesses are being reported. This calls for an increase in demand of healthcare services. Because of the increasing demand, doctors sometimes are needed extra help they can get after whole day of clinic hours and late night rounds. Thatís why some of them are requiring the services that medical call centers can give.

A medical call center is really helpful especially at times when work is too much and you just needed a break. CareNet is a company that also specializes in medical call centers. And anything that a medical call center should be CareNet has. Firstly, CareNet offers a live one-on-one talk with the clients instead of being directed to an automated answering system. The callers of a medical call center are people who are having problems with their health or needs an answer to their health issues, and so, it is but proper that the receiver of their call is also a health advocate and is somebody who knows how to empathize.

CareNetís medical call center staff is nothing but that. Empathetic and has compassion for other people. It is also important that a medical call center is prompt in answering calls in a professional and caring manner. In that way, the clientsí feelings of uneasiness and fear of rejection are lysed. Most of the time, the people who are calling the center are those that sought guidance and medical attention. CareNetís staff is trained professional who are expert in these field.

They also have good listening skills and are able to process the complaints of the clientís promptly and provide efficient interventions as needed. All of CareNetís staffs have long years of experience in the clinical area and are considered as the cream of the crops. Because a medical call center is not like any other center that just take calls, CareNet sees to it that all of the clientís health complaints are processed in a customized database that serve as the facilityís standard operating protocols to make certain that all interventions given and advices rendered to the client are all conforming to the facilitiesí standard operating procedures.

CareNetís medical call center adheres to the standards of the law that safeguards the clientís pertinent medical and personal information. This is CareNetís way of showing that their company is worthy of trust and that all information disclosed are safely guarded. CareNet also keeps a record of all the conversations that occurred in cases where the physician would want to keep track og the intervention and medical advices given by CareNet and to make certain that the clients take necessary actions when instructed.
CareNetís so-called telephone triage that offers 24/7 nurse line services are also made available to the community so that theyíd be able to access medical care no matter where they may be.

About CareNet
A privately held company, CareNet has always been on top in the service industry of medical call centers and still prevails to be one step ahead of the others with its state-of-the-art and fully-automated answering technology. By integrating programs that works cohesively with its clientís service offerings, CareNet is able to support the overall mission and needs of its partner companies thereby bringing additional efficiency in the operation.


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