Find Me Sign Me Talent Network Hits The Web

From: Find Me Sign Me
Published: Wed Dec 03 2008

Find Me Sign Me ( announced the launch of, a comprehensive talent network that uses social media techniques to connect performers, professionals, agents and gigs, all within a site capable of rich content sharing within an intimate atmosphere.

Find Me Sign Me users create profiles that not only describe their experience but host images, sound and video content that demonstrates their talents. The social network also brings people together to share their views on the entertainment industry or anything else ??" the site is designed to be open-ended. Modeling and talent agencies have their own section on the site so that users can easily reach agents interested in their skills. The site also hosts a regularly updated audition list.

“The entertainment industry virtually created social networks with services like Myspace,” said Find Me Sign Me president Gerry Greaves, “but it started to lose sight of its original purpose pretty fast. Find Me Sign Me is not only designed to bring talent online, but build connections with agencies and jobs. We aim to make this a permanent talent network that always sticks close to its core services.

Basic registration is free. For a limited time, members who sign up will have permanent access to all of’s features, including services that future members will have to pay for. Talent and agencies can sign up at to take advantage of the offer. Agencies and employers can always post auditions on the site for free, however.

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