Ann-Marie Torres Launches Her New Brand as Mina

From: Celebritize You
Published: Mon Feb 25 2013

Actress, model and singer, Ann-Marie Torres has recently announced that she has changed her stage name to Mina. The change stems from her desire to stand out as a performer and to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

About Her Name Change

Mina, aka Ann-Marie, has stated that her professional name change is based on branding herself with a unique name, so as not to be confused with a popular singer with the same name. She says, although she loves her name, the name her mother gave her, she wants to stand out in entertainment and make her way on her own merit.

The name Mina stems from a longer version of the name, Illumina, which Ann-Marie used for a short time years ago. The name means “Illuminate”. Ann-Marie says she has always been a protector and care giver. She wanted a name that means “to give light”, so she created Illumina. Over time, she just became Mina.

About Mina

Mina is originally from New York, but has lived in Orlando, Florida for many years. Although she is finding work in entertainment in Orlando, she does sometimes find it difficult to find quality roles due to the small acting community, but that does not hinder her ability to find the roles she feels gives her the opportunity to bring a character to life for the audience. She enjoys working behind the camera, but her true passion comes from being centre-stage. Her first role was in a theatre production in “The Comedy of Errors” where she played in a male role.

Mina most recently worked as a talent coordinator for Orlando-based Chrome Talent. Her duties included casting, assisting with auditions, ensuring the talent was marketing themselves correctly, and letting new talent know what they would need to get started in this business. Although she truly enjoyed her work at Chrome Talent and was able to help so many talent, she felt she needed to concentrate on her career as an actress.

Mina's acting influence is Bruce Campbell, star of “Evil Dead”. Mina says, “he is a severely over looked in my opinion. I aspire to be an actress like him and have the opportunity to work consistently like he does.” Along with Bruce, Mina would like to work with actors and actresses such as Betty White, Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li.

Along with acting, modeling and singing, Mina loves to write. Her focus is on poetry, books and scripts. She also loves drawing, sculpting and working with cork.

Two films, “The Hunter's Circle” and “The Hunter's Moon”, are progressed her career the most, Mina says. Working with the director, Kelly D. Weaver, opened many doors for her. Mina is currently working on three new films, “The Bailey Case 2”, where she will work both in front and behind the camera, in “The Real Story of Ariyana Estrella” and “Evacuation”.

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