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Published: Wed Feb 22 2017

In olex , ol stands for online and ex stands for exam. Olex is a wonderful revolutionary platform for all aspirants for various Competitions As IAS,PCS,SSC,NDA……and also for all desired Competitive exams.olex provides highly effective and beneficial online test series for civil services examination, IAS,PCS,SSC,NDA,IBPS,engineering and medical entrance examination.

Olex is dedicated to serve the competetive aspirants in such a way that after using olex, it will become very easy to remember the subjects for a long time. On olex it is very easy to practice well of all required subjects and their topics based on many competitive examinations. For our better service we will be ever ready to start new service as per the requirement of our registered member aspirants.

If an aspirant is preparing for IAS/PCS/IFS and if along with that if he/she has to appear in other exams also as SSC,TGT,PGT,NDA,CDS,CTET,CAT….etc, then he/she has to write us at and in prescribed time we will provide the best services for their respective examinations which could bring them towards success.


which is dedicated to Provide best Online educational Support to Most of

the students Throughout the Country.


1. To Carry on Educational Institution like school, college, coaching

classes and to carry on course in all subjects or branches of

engineering, science medical, commerce, industrial, commercial, arts,

management and any other faculty of education and to run management and

computer training institutions.

2. To Run educational institutions including but not limited to schools,

academies, coaching classes, colleges, for imparting education to

students in the field of science, commerce, arts, engineering, medical

science and computer science, both in india and outside india.

3. To provide the educational Service online as well as offline to all

Indian students for their academic and competitive preparations

including university students.

4. To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage by

educating and training up young, educated unemployed and other members

of the Society to equip themselves with the basic knowledge and norms,

prescribed by the Government and other authorities from time to time.

5. To Provide tutorial Support to all Indian students of secondary and

higher secondary classes.

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