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Published: Fri Oct 23 2009

These days, the modern Mary Poppins better pack a whole lot more than a spoonful of sugar in her bag of tricks. Busy families, with schedules rivaling the Obamas’, demand their nannies are creative and intuitive household managers. That’s why a first-of-its- kind nanny school ??" Absolute Best Care’s Nanny Learning Center - will teach nannies everything from cooking healthy on a budget, to cleaning “green” to truly embracing the psychological and cultural dynamic that makes each family unique.

“Today’s nanny is more than a babysitter and chauffer,” says Monique Moskowitz, mother of two, who along with her husband Saul and his colleague Doug Kozinn co-founded the Absolute Best Care Nanny Learning Center which opens in October in Manhattan. “When I had my first son and needed help, we all were shocked there was no nationally recognized certification or education for U.S. nannies. They learn on the job,” says Moskowitz. “Nanny Service is an art. We want to train nannies before they start the job and set the new U. S. standard for nannies with our school.”

The curriculum, a seven day course, offers the ONLY New York State Board of Education approved certification in Nanny Management. Currently, the U.S. has no uniform, national certification program for nannies. That’s unlike London, where women, who wanted to continue work after World War II, became nannies and turned the job into a respected, credentialed profession. Since then, throughout London, certification schools started popping up and continue to set the standard there today. The entrepreneurs hope the Absolute Best Care Nanny Learning Center will ultimately be the go??"to destination for wannabe nannies from all over the world.

“Top nannies can earn more than $60K a year. We’re creating a standard the best nannies will have to live up to,” says Moskowitz. “In this economy, ‘nannying’ has become a secure, reputable profession and we believe women will pay for official certification to give them a leg up for the best paying jobs. Plus, families already with nannies will send them to our school to teach them new skills.” The school costs $3500 and will include training in:

• The Nanny Manager ??" Managing the household with its particular personality, culture, style and structure. Are they formal or laid back? Detail oriented or anything goes? Is texting allowed? Are pop-tarts an ok snack? Instead of families interviewing the nanny, nannies interview the family about family functions in half- hour intervals from breakfast to bedtime all logged in a Nanny Manager Book. The school recommends nannies use formal surnames (Mr. and Mrs.) as a more gracious form of communication. This is a profession, not a hobby! Parents are not pals, they’re bosses!
• “The Green Household” ??" How to keep a house environmentally friendly by cleaning and cooking with green techniques and products.
• Comfort and Communication ??" What makes this family comfortable? When dad had a bad day at work, learn to make his “comfort food” ??" his mom’s mashed potatoes- and call his mom to get the recipe. When little Susie’s acting out, does strong talk or coddling settle her? Become the spoonful of sugar this family can’t live without.
• Family Tree and Treasures - Dig for the dynamics, the history that makes this family special. If Susie fails a test, which parent is used to handling it? If dad is a baseball nut but little Johnny strikes out, would a batting coach help? If grandpa is a diabetic, remember to hide the chocolate cake you baked with the kids.
• Hallmarks of Happiness ??" Learn the parents’ 3 priorities for their children. Does education come first? Is fun more important or discipline? What’s the priority pecking order?
• Service Standards ??" Are sheets changed once a week? How often do you clean out the fridge? Walk the dog? Do the laundry? Iron the clothes?
• Daily Graces ??" Find out what you can do at the start and finish of each and every day to put the “function” back into the dysfunctional family. Every family needs order! If the kids’ closets are a mess, organize the shoes and take old clothes to GoodWill. If Susie’s Barbie dolls look dumpy, comb their hair and organize the accessories. If mom likes a fried egg in the morning, make it. You are the wings that make this family fly.
• More traditional courses include CPR , First Aid, newborn characteristics, infant baths, diapering and swaddling, laundry care, bottle feeding, SIDS reduction, shaking baby syndrome, umbilical and circumcision care, fall prevention, breastfeeding, food safety, potty training, discipline, and how to write a winning resume.

Along with the school, the group has also developed the Absolute Best Care nanny recruiting franchise which places nannies, babysitters, baby nurses and housekeepers. “Finding nannies, training nannies, it’s all big business today,” says Doug Schadle, Absolute Best Care Franchise Developer. “It’s a great business opportunity for women who want to escape the corporate rat race to help families.”

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About Absolute Best Care: Absolute Best Care is a Manhattan based nanny recruiting franchise, specializing in placing nannies, baby nurses, housekeepers and babysitters. They provide live in, live out, full-time and part- time caregivers to families looking for quality help. The company was started in 2002 by Monique Moskowitz, Saul Moskowitz and Douglas Kozinn. After the birth of their first son, Justin, the Moskowitzes quickly discovered finding a professional, loving caregiver was difficult and families desperately needed help. Saul approached Doug Kozinn, a colleague on Wall Street, with the idea of forming a nanny recruiting agency. After six months of research, Absolute Best Care’s first office opened in Manalapan, NJ in 2002. In 2003, the NYC office opened and became corporate headquarters. Doug Schadle was brought in to develop the business into a profitable franchise model. Absolute Best Care is offering franchise opportunities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Go to
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