Bangkok Prep students raise money to build water well

From: Bangkok Prep
Published: Wed Jul 22 2015

Students at the Early Years Foundation Stage at Bangkok Prep contributed to a worthy cause by creating themed artwork inspired by their ‘end of year’ school production, ‘Twins in the Hood’.

Canvases, hand-made necklaces and imprint bags were auctioned in a Silent Art Auction organised by Isla Gordon, a Reception teacher, raising over Baht 36,000 towards building a well for the local villagers at Ban Rom Klao Sahamt located in Tak province.

The community in Ban Rom Klao Sahamt village has been facing a constant problem with water supply.
The locals in the village, especially the poor and elderly, have to purchase water for six months during the dry season which costs them everything they have and often cannot afford it. Building a well that would pump the water from the nearby mountains would drastically change the lives of the people of Ban Rom Klao Sahamt village.

“It is amazing to see that the children can take part in such a beautiful project. As a parent, I am happy to be able to help improving so many people’s lives for a cause that feels very close to the school’s community,” said a Bangkok Prep parent.

The cost for drilling a well is around Baht 150,000-200,000 (6,700 US dollars). Villages in Thailand’s rural areas are often struggling with water supply.

Students and teachers at Bangkok Prep are involved in several charity projects all year round.
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