Actionable Ways to Boost Your Migration Points

Published: Tue Jan 17 2017

Professional Year Program is specifically designed to address Australia’s skill shortage in specific professions. Recognised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, it enhances the employability of international graduates of Accounting, Engineering and IT. Moreover, successful completion of the program will earn 5 points toward permanent residency in Australia.

Changes in visa and immigration policies by the government have paved clear pathway for international students aiming to achieve Australian permanent residency, especially those studying Engineering, ICT and Accounting. It is said that close to 60% of international students are facing difficulties searching employment in their chosen career four months after graduation.

Professional Year in IT, Engineering and Accounting will run for 44 weeks, enabling graduates to gain industry related experience and feel of the Australian work culture. Not to mention being eligible for 5 migration points upon completing the program.

Another actionable way to increase migration points is by scoring above average competent level of the English language. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are amongst the most popular for students, skilled workers and migrants seeking to study, work or migrant in English speaking countries like Australia.

Gaining international popularity, Pearson Test of English Academic or PTE Academic is a leading computer based language test that aims to assess the English language proficiency needed when lodging for student or immigration visas. Launched in 2009, PTE Academic rapidly gained acceptance in universities and government agencies such as UK Border Agency and Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa application.

One of the major advantages of PTE Academic Test is the flexibility of its test dates which can be taken in one of 200 locations worldwide, 13 of which are in Australia. As it is computer based test, PTE’s highly accurate computer markings provide consistent scores and not influenced by examiner bias. Another reason for its growing popularity is the fast releasing of results. PTE Academic delivers results in 5 working days.

As in all exams, you will need ample time to prepare to obtain satisfactory marking. To start your PTE Preparation, we highly recommended to attend PTE Coaching especially if you are a first timer, a retaker or someone aiming to get high score. Coaching sessions will help you to be familiar with the test sequence and pace. This will enable you to identify, focus and work harder on your weaker areas.

AECC Global offers customized packages are available to suit the training and guidance you need. It is the affordable, flexible and suitable for all proficiency levels. Completing the programme will give you confidence boost for the exams.

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