"Change"-ing the world

From: Paper Street
Published: Wed Feb 28 2007

Can $.25 cents solve a problem? Two men concerned about homelessness believe it just might. Launching a campaign entitled: "Change"-ing the World they are using the skills of many homeless people, panhandling, to try and raise awareness and money to help address the issue of homelessness.

The campaign is featured as part of the Street-People.com website which chronicles stories of the homeless people. The idea to "panhandle" change came from the website founder's frustrations over the increase in panhandlers and the civic programs which did not appear to impact the problem.

"We saw people give change to homeless panhandler's everyday and recognized this is happening in cities across the country and around the world. We wondered what would happen if people focused all the change they would normally give to panhandlers to support one organization." commented website founder Floyd Benson. "Would focusing all that change to the efforts of one charity help end homelessness in one community?" This idea launched "Change"-ing the World with a simple plan to encourage people not to give change to panhandlers but to pool their change with other people from around the world and direct the funds to one charitable organization to see if this influx of support can make a difference.

'We made it interesting by not selecting a charity in advance", added Benson, " after the deadline we will draw a hometown from all the people who sent change and make the donation to a recognized organization in that town that addresses homelessness. It makes sending $.25 a worthy investment to end homelessness in your community."

The campaign encourages people to look under the couch cushions, check the ash tray, or send the change from that daily cup of coffee. Of course they also take your credit cards through paypal. To learn more about the "Change" ing the World campaign visit www.Street-people.com

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