Horse Owners, Livestock Producers Take On “Big Brother”

Published: Thu Mar 16 2006

American horse owners and livestock producers, especially those in “buy local” movements or those who keep livestock for their own food usage, are taking the US government to task with the NAIS.

The National Animal Identification System, touted by the USDA as a means of tracking animals for disease prevention, seems more like just one more way that “Big Brother” can track and control the little guy. It is an unconstitutional infringement on the rights of the individual. It consists of microchipping animals, registering premises on which they reside ??" or might visit ??" and tracking this in a database.

The NAIS, once in full force, will affect virtually everybody, not just livestock owners, as pets will also be required to be microchipped, and both they and their premises registered. No movement on or off a premises will be allowed without tracking that movement. If a friend with a pet were to visit from out of town for a few hours, your premises would have to be registered, even if you yourself own no animals. is hosting a call on March 20, 2006 to discuss the What, Why & Wherefores of the NAIS, and is inviting all concerned individuals to join. For more information on the panelists or to sign up for the call, please visit
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