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  • Brightcove Adopts Blue Robin’s EnterpriseVOIP™ Phone System


    Brightcove, a recognized leader in open Internet TV service in Cambridge Massachusetts, has selected Blue Robin’s EnterpriseVOIP™ (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system and has deployed it enterprise-wide. Brightcove selected EnterpriseVOIP™ for its reliability, sophisticated features and considerable quality and flexibility over traditional voice

    (Filed: Wed Oct 04 2006)
  • Fixed Line Telecoms : a stable growth until 2010


    The introduction of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology in to North America will enable faster connections and a wider bandwidth.The rapid growth of the Chinese and Indian mobile phone markets is a growing threat to the revenues of fixed line telecom functions.

    (Filed: Thu Sep 28 2006)
  • Dialaphone's mobile phone clearance sale


    The mobile phone specialists dialaphone are having a mobile phone clearance sale where the customer can get mobile phones and great tariffs at bargain prices

    (Filed: Tue Sep 26 2006)
  • FierceMobileContent Presents JumpTap with Top App Award

    JumpTap Inc., a pioneer in the development of innovative, carrier-centric mobile search and advertising solutions, announced today that it has been honored with FierceMobileContent’s Top App Award for its mobile search platform.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 13 2006)
  • BitDefender Releases Mobile Antivirus Beta

    Top antivirus provider prevents latest mobile security threats by including all of the powerful functionality of its PC-based software into new mobile security beta

    (Filed: Wed Aug 30 2006)
  • New Startup Named Major VIP Partner

    BuySellLeaseTrade.com, privately owned subsidiary of Telarus Inc, provider of real-time T1 price quoting through it's patent-pending GeoQuote technology, was inducted into the VIP Partner Program by Broadwing Communications, LLC. The VIP Partner Program is reserved for the top 15 Broadwing agents nationwide.

    (Filed: Wed Jun 28 2006)
  • Agilemobile.com Ltd. Announces Release of Agile Messenger for Windows Mobile 5.0

    AgileMobile.com Ltd. has announced the release of Agile Messenger for Windows Mobile 5.0, an instant messaging client for mobile phones and handheld computers which provides a seamless connection to the public instant messaging networks of MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ, Google Talk and any other XMPP network.

    (Filed: Wed May 24 2006)
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