Introducing... Alcohol-X, Breakthrough all in one Hangover Relief for Beer, Wine and Liquor.

[USPRwire, Thu Dec 22 2005] Bhelliom just unleashed Alcohol-X at the ASD trade show in Las Vegas in October of 2005. "The consumer response has been overwhelming." Says President Of Bhelliom Casey McCarthy. "After developing Alcohol-X with our well respected 83 year-old biochemist Leonard Wayne. We Truly have the right product at the right time! We want to make this statement NOW, we challenge any company That thinks they have a superior Hangover product to step forward and take our Best Hangover Pill in the World Challenge. Let the consumers tell us which hangover product really works the best!"

Alcohol-X was developed to act on the mind blowing research published which states over 148 billion is spent on damages from hangovers. Read more...


That 95% of ALL social drinkers suffer from the devastating effects of hangover producing a cost of over 148 billion a year in missed work, lost wages and poor job performance as a result of untreated hangovers. Repeated dehydration of the brain from consumption of alcohol can lead to brain damage and neurological disorders Wernicke's Encephalopathy and Korsakoff's Syndrome. But here the facts 87% of ALL alcohol related problems are caused by light to moderate drinking. It is a proven fact that relatively minor amounts of alcohol can negatively affect a person's mood and cognitive ability the next day.

Why Does This HAPPEN?

The metabolization of alcohol is a multi-step process that transforms alcohol into metabolites. Alcohol is converted into Acetaldehyde which is approximately 30 times more toxic than alcohol. So here lies the problem!!! While the liver quickly converts the alcohol you drink into Acetaldehyde, your body has an extremely hard time converting Acetaldehyde into acetic (which is easily broken down into carbon dioxide and water). So Fact is Acetaldehyde and the length of time is stay in your body is the major cause of hangovers.

Now There's an Exciting New Answer to Hangovers!

It's called Alcohol-X, producing an almost cult like following, Alcohol-X with it's trademarked ingredient Acetal-X quickly metabolizes Acetaldehyde in turn ending Hangovers Forever! SO before you ever suffer from a hangover again make sure you get your supply of Alcohol-X before the holidays or your next night out. If more info or where to get Alcohol-X please visit or call toll free at 1 (888) 277-8169. ###

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