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  • 22 Year Old Finds Success With Online Public Relations Firm


    On young entrepreneur proves that age does not matter at least when it comes to running a successful public relations firm. He says that despite a troubled economy the window of opportunity for our youth is bigger than ever.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 09 2009)
  • Expert on Happiness to Speak on Resilience at the Las Vegas Clark County Library


    The Las Vegas Clark County Library will soon open its doors to sought-after speaker Dr. Success (aka Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D.) to share her expertise in Positive Psychology and happiness through, “Igniting Your Spirit of Resilience, One Book at a Time.” A well known author herself, Dr. Goeglein’s intention is to help audiences everywhere use books as they were intended – to expand minds, enliven spirits and reinforce natural resilience in order to thrive through life’s many challenges.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 30 2009)
  • SeedaNeed.com Reaches Out to Help US Soldiers World Wide

    SeedaNeed.com the World Wide good deed organization has stepped up to help inspire and promote the support of our troops. The project founder has a desire for employers nationwide to adopt the program.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 23 2009)
  • Schillings shortlisted in The Lawyer Awards 2009

    Schillings has announced that Matthew Himsworth, associate lawyer at Schillings, has been shortlisted for the Assistant Solicitor of the Year award in the 2009 The Lawyer Awards

    (Filed: Thu May 21 2009)
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