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  • Monaco Opens New US Embassy


    Climate change and the environment have been top of Prince Albert of Monaco's agenda for the last year, but as he continues his campaign to highlight the environment as a top political issue, press reports suggest that two of his staff have left.

    (Filed: Thu Jan 04 2007)
  • Imperato for President 2008 Retains Top Election Law Attorney


    The Imperato for President 2008 Campaign Committee, has retained the services of the country's foremost expert in election law to represent the leading independent candidate for President, Daniel Imperato, in all legal matters that may arise in his quest for the White House.

    (Filed: Fri Dec 22 2006)
  • 2008 Presidential Candidate Speaks on Egypt and Praises Mubarak

    After several days in Cairo, Egypt, 2008 Independent Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato commented on the advice he received from his hosts and the understanding that he gained about the people of Egypt and the US expatriates living there.

    (Filed: Tue Dec 19 2006)
  • Imperato Calls For Cease-Fire and Rallies for Peace

    Today leading independent 2008 U.S. Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato called for peace in the Middle East and called for all people of good will to rally together with him.

    (Filed: Fri Dec 15 2006)
  • Transatlantic Alliance ‘Under Threat’

    The traditional processes of law enforcement are not the right basis for tackling the growing threat of global terrorism, according leading American counter terror expert, Professor John Clark of the Marshall Center for Security Studies.

    (Filed: Fri Dec 15 2006)
  • Battle For Hearts And Minds Is ‘A Disaster’


    A leading security expert has described the attempts by Western governments to win the battle for hearts and minds as part of the war on terror as “quite clearly a disaster”, and warned that Jihadi terrorist groups still see the UK as a major target.

    (Filed: Thu Dec 14 2006)
  • Imperato Attends South American President's Conference


    Today, 2008 United States Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato (I-FL), attended the "Segunda Cumbre de la Comunidad Sudamericana De Naciones" or the Second Annual Meeting of the South American Community of Nations, to increase relations with South America and develop a long term plan for his 2008 win.

    (Filed: Sat Dec 09 2006)
  • Imperato Arrives with Great Reception in Buenos Aires

    Having departed from Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 2008 United States Businessman and Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato was welcomed to Argentina with a gracious reception when he landed in Buenos Aires today.

    (Filed: Sat Dec 02 2006)
  • GovInfoFinder.com Government Information Website Launched

    Information overload is everywhere these day and if you are trying to find government information it can be a nightmare. Finally, a website has come along that provides easy access to government resources and lots of tips and articles to help you find the right information you are looking for.

    (Filed: Fri Nov 10 2006)
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