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  • Former United States Marine Starts Marine Corps 365 Blog


    Former United States Marine, David Stam, has created the Marine Corps 365 blog to keep up on the news of what it’s like being a US Marine. To fulfill the mission, vision and goals for the continual success of the Marine Corps Objectives and Mission the http://marinecorps365.com reaches out to readers, organizations to preserve and propagate the history, traditions and culture of the Marine Corps

    (Filed: Wed Dec 10 2008)
  • Political Analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson New Book How Obama Won Dissects Obama’s White House Victory


    In his new book, How Obama Won, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson gives a behind the scene political look at the forces, events, and players that shaped President-elect Barack Obama’s historic White House victory. In How Obama Won Hutchinson captures the full political drama and impact the Obama campaign had on the American electorate and political establishment.

    (Filed: Sun Nov 30 2008)
  • Will Marre And ThoughtRocket.com Launch "The Daily Revolution"


    The presidential election and economic crisis have all Americans wanting real answers to real problems, according to Will Marre, acclaimed speaker and founder of American Dream Project. To answer this call, American Dream Project with ThoughtRocket.com have launched a daily blog, "Daily Revolution", to run until Election Day, focused on the major issues surrounding this year's presidential election.

    (Filed: Sun Oct 19 2008)
  • Hispanic Workforce Hit Harder During Economic Downturns


    DALLAS – Hispanic workers represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. workforce, but they also are at particular risk during economic downturns, suffering negative effects sooner, more severely and for longer duration than their white counterparts, according to the findings of an academic study published in the Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis.

    (Filed: Sat Oct 11 2008)
  • Senate Candidate Gail Parker Offers Positive Solutions Missing From Big Two Party Debate


    Only Gail Parker has consistently addressed the federal deficit and the need to balance the budget immediately. Plus she offers a simple plan to pay off the federal debt in five years – by installing an auditable accounting system in the Department of Defense where no-bid contracts and improper payments are bankrupting our Treasury.

    (Filed: Tue Sep 23 2008)
  • Charlotte Wright


    Hays Marketing announce the expansion of their public sector division alongside their sponsorship of the Guardian Public Services Awards 2008

    (Filed: Thu Jul 03 2008)
  • Book, Rust to Renewal, explores religious attitudes toward deindustrialization


    Based on original sociological research, "Rust to Renewal" explores the attitudes of a transdenominational sample of Youngstown's clergy toward deindustrialization, job loss, and the future of our economy. Written in an academic format while tempered with simple language, Rust to Renewal will appeal to scholars, businesspeople, government leaders, clergy, and lay people alike.

    (Filed: Thu Nov 15 2007)
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