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  • President Kabila Asked to Rehabilitate Lemera Hospital


    MJPC has launched a website calling for President Kabila to rehabilitate Lemera Hospital destroyed in 1996 after being used as launching site of the war that led Laurent D. Kabila to power.

    (Filed: Wed Nov 04 2009)
  • Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC: "Internal DoD Analyses" Cited as Reason to Kill Boeing C-17 Don't Ex

    GAO and Congressionally Dismissed 2005 Mobility Capabilities Study (MCS) and Airlift Section of 2006 QDR Developed by Pentagon Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation (PA&E) Only Data in Existence; DoD Efforts Against C-17 Described as 'Intellectual' Assault; Reiterates Position No Credible Study Exists to Support DoD Contention Aircraft in Operation and Ordered Are Sufficient to Meet Existent and Projected Strategic Airlift Needs; Provides Copy of Gen. Barry R.McCaffrey Report Asserting 600+ C-17 Fleet Complement to Meet 21st Century Force Projection Requirements; Issues Statement Concerning Next Generation USAF Tanker Competition

    (Filed: Fri Oct 09 2009)


    In celebration of the fifth annual Newark-Essex Pride Week, the City of Newark and Newark-Essex Pride Coalition will raise the gay pride flag after a brief ceremony featuring LGBT leaders and students as well as Councilman Ron Rice.

    (Filed: Sun Jun 07 2009)
  • Tom Melsheimer Co-Authors Commentary on Preserving the Value of Juries

    Noted Dallas trial lawyer Thomas M. Melsheimer, the managing principal for the Dallas office of Fish & Richardson P.C., has co-authored an opinion column for The Dallas Morning News on the erosion of the jury system in the face of corporate fraud and wrongdoing.

    (Filed: Sat May 30 2009)
  • Debatepedia documents all pros and cons of merit pay for teachers

    Debatepedia completed on May 19th the most comprehensive pro/con article available on the pros and cons of merit pay for teachers. The article comes at a time when the United States and much of the world are grappling with ways to make their education systems more competitive, and could use a deliberative resource like Debatepedia's article.

    (Filed: Wed May 27 2009)
  • Kevin Mullikin Of FindLaw Reaches 10 Years Of Service


    Kevin Mullikin announces his successful completion of ten years of service. Kevin was directly involved with Colorado attorneys and law firms, helping them to successfully increase the effectiveness of their websites.

    (Filed: Wed May 06 2009)
  • Website Reveals Daily Photo Radar Locations and more


    A new website, www.radarhunter.com is now available as an online resource for those who want information about the daily locations of photo radar, red light and mobile radar locations in seven U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The site also offers photo radar FAQs, red light camera studies, news links, and an optional free GPS pack for registered users who wish to download the information to Garmin®, Magellan® or Tom Tom® units.

    (Filed: Wed Mar 11 2009)
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