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  • Local Small Business Owners Speak Up For Brian Blair


    2010 Florida House of Representatives for District 47 candidate and proven conservative, Brian Blair, receives an endorsement from prominent local Tampa Bay small business owners Ronald L. McDonald and Wayne Valenti.

    (Filed: Fri Aug 20 2010)
  • Imperato Rolls out State Principles. Continues stump for votes before the BP primaries.

    Daniel Imperato has demonstrated, in words, his willingness to return to true fiscal constitutional Conservatism and promoting the free market. Conservative voters in Florida agree that a Democrat in the Governor’s office would be most counterproductive at this time. Florida needs to be first in producing jobs via investment and the fair tax policies that spur growth.

    (Filed: Tue Aug 17 2010)
  • Imperato Reiterates Energy, Tourism While Campaigning Back in Panhandle

    Imperato’s speech centered on his plan to bring investment for alternative energy development to Florida. Part of his energy plan released last month called for an advanced form of generating energy with fusion power. “It works especially well here in the Panhandle where we have military engineers who can stay in Florida to work. We can lead the country in generating clean energy in Florida within the next 20 years.

    (Filed: Mon Aug 16 2010)
  • Tampa Firefighters Endorse Blair


    2010 Florida House of Representatives candidate and Proven Conservative, Brian Blair, has received an endorsement from the Tampa Firefighters Local 754.

    (Filed: Thu Aug 05 2010)
  • McCollum meets, greets, maybe even contemplates teaming up with independent rival Imperato

    Even though on the ballot for governor under Florida’s no party affiliation label, Daniel Imperato chooses to call himself independent as a continuation from his 2008 campaign for president. Back then he felt a calling to serve his country by questioning the motives and platform points of the major political parties. Now he is pleased to have the opportunity to give back to Florida and would consider himself fortunate to assist the new governor in the next four years should the voters not select him.

    (Filed: Wed Aug 04 2010)
  • Maximize Your Situational Awareness at Night with HellFighter


    The HellFighter Weapon Light packs power and versatility into a tough, compact package that weighs only 10 pounds and measures a mere eight inches in length. It features a blinding 3,000-lumen beam with enough reach to illuminate targets hundreds of yards away and enough surround beam to make it perfect for patrol or search-and-rescue operations.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 01 2010)


    Brian Blair, Republican running for Florida State House in 2010, has received an endorsement that observers say could be integral to his chances of winning the seat he’s pursuing.

    (Filed: Fri Feb 05 2010)
  • Dallas CQJ Releases List of Qualified Judicial Candidates for 2010 Democratic Primary


    The non-partisan Committee for a Qualified Judiciary is announcing its slate of candidates in contested primary elections who have earned a rating as qualified to hold office in the Dallas County judiciary. The primary election in Dallas County will be held on Tuesday, March 2, with early voting beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 26 2010)
  • Congo must uphold its ICC Treaty Obligations

    "It is disappointing to note that the Congolese government actions have so far failed to move beyond mere rhetoric in holding accountable those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity"

    (Filed: Sat Dec 19 2009)
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