Ko Maternity is proud to announce the launch of its new maternity wear. Its new line of modern, comfortable and, most important, entirely affordable maternity clothes are available now online at www.koclothes.com, perfect for the those who would prefer to shop from the comfort of their home or out-of-town shoppers.

[USPRwire, Fri Dec 16 2005] Designer and owner, Suzanne Dyson has created a line of clothing for the modern woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice large amounts of money to look good during her pregnancy. When Suzanne recognized that there was a lack of maternity clothes being offered to women that were fashionable, comfortable and affordable, Suzanne decided to remedy to this problem by launching Ko Maternity Clothes, in her hometown of Montreal.

What does Ko mean? The term Ko comes from the ancient Chinese fortunetelling method called the I-Ching. Suzanne came across the symbol Ko when she asked the I-Ching whether she should start a maternity line of clothes. The answer she received corresponded to the symbol Ko. Ko, in English, means Revolution or Molting. It symbolizes new beginnings that will be blessed with good fortune. Recognizing the double application possible for the symbol (both to her new business and the life altering act of becoming pregnant); she decided to call her company after the symbol Ko.

The chosen fabrics for the clothing are cotton/lycra and polyester/lycra/spandex. The lycra and spandex give the clothes the super stretch that pregnant women with their changing bodies can truly appreciate. Suzanne decided to work with these for their versatility, great look, feel and ease-of-care. She has designed a working-woman wardrobe, as well as clothing for the weekend and nights out on the town.

About the Designer : After spending much of her life in Montreal's underground art and music scene and watching those around her fulfilling their own dreams, Suzanne Dyson decided to indulge herself and start her own clothing line. Faced with the daunting task of deciding which area to focus her burgeoning talents on, she looked to see what people in her immediate vicinity wanted and needed. It didn't take long before she realized there was a lack of affordable, stylish maternity clothes available to her pregnant friends and sisters. And so, she decided to focus her design abilities on the often neglected area of maternity clothes.

Armed with a small inheritance from her uncle and inspired by the do-it-yourself philosophy of her early punk rock days in the 80's, she began designing, only to find that there were no stores in Montreal where she could sell her clothes in the low-mid price range that she insisted on. And so, when she stumbled across a 300 sq. ft store space on Avenue des Pins East, she jumped at the chance to open her own storefront in Montreal in addition to her online boutique.

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