In her first published essay collection, award-winning journalist Joni Hubred-Golden explores themes of family, love and feminism. With broad brush strokes, she paints a world where women come together, set aside political differences and reclaim the fight for equality.

[USPRwire, Wed Dec 21 2005] Are you a feminist? Author Joni Hubred-Golden has posed the question to women of all ages and found many are reluctant to claim the title. In her first published essay collection, "One Woman: Memoir & Manifesto", Hubred-Golden shares her own re-connection with feminism and urges women to set aside divisive political differences to reclaim the common ground of equality.

"I've spoken with women young and old who've said they would never consider themselves feminists," Hubred-Golden said. "And when I ask why, the answer is almost always that the movement is too 'radical.' Except that it's not. Some organizations might be, but the movement is about the very simple concept of equality."

Instead of splintering over politically charged issues like abortion, Hubred-Golden urges women to work toward progress in areas like contraceptive equity, improving self-esteem among girls, fighting sexual slavery and exploitation of women world-wide.

"We can all agree that violence against women must be stopped. We can all agree that the workplace must be more family-friendly," the 46-year-old Michigan resident said. "I'm not saying women should abandon their personal moral values. I'm saying we have to move outside of ourselves and work together for the health, happiness and freedom of all women."

Essays on feminism in "One Woman," a 96-page paperback published by Forum Communications, call for all women, no matter what their political affiliation, to become more involved in government and more vocal on talk radio and editorial pages. For the past year, Hubred-Golden has published Michigan Women's Forum, an on-line ezine devoted to sharing inspiring stories and providing information about issues important to women in Michigan. Plans are to expand into a monthly print magazine, with legislative and calendar updates continuing weekly on-line.

"Until and unless all women's voices are raised, we won't have equal representation in our culture and our government," Hubred-Golden said. "Women think differently. We respond differently. And we have a unique responsibility to contribute, not only to the lives of our friends and family, but to the world around us."

"One Woman: Memoir & Manifesto," can be ordered on-line at Hubred-Golden's website, Michigan Women's Forum, and will be available soon at To contact the author, call 248.568.0581 or email
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