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  • Megan Fox’s First Real Boyfriend Tells All

    Megan Fox has been outspoken in her self-identification as a bisexual. Megan Fox’s first high school sweetheart recently told News of The World about his teenage romance with Fox before she moved to Hollywood to become a big star.

    (Filed: Fri Oct 24 2008)
  • The Modern Superhero?

    An unknown vigilante takes the law into his own hands and receives “superhero twist” in Patrick Morbach’s new novel The Gauntlet.

    (Filed: Fri Oct 24 2008)
  • Janet Saryadegar Merges Ancient and Contemporary Art

    The Agora Gallery is proud to present San Mateo artist Janet Saryadegar in a Collective Exhibition: Figuratively Speaking. Scheduled to run from October 24th through November 13th, the collection will feature a captivating selection of Janet Saryadegar's graceful images.

    (Filed: Wed Oct 22 2008)
  • Relativity Birthday Present For Four-Year-Olds

    A Relativity Birthday Present teaches young readers about one of the amazing effects of Relativity. Starman Jones and Spacepup are anxious to take Baby Billy on their adventurous trips from star to star in their starship, Willywinder.

    (Filed: Wed Oct 22 2008)
  • AdoptMe.com Virtual Pet Site Gets Web 2.0 Makeover

    Over a dozen of new features have recently been added to AdoptMe.com, transforming one of the web's oldest virtual pet sites into a modern social network like Myspace.com or Facebook.com, but for virtual pets.

    (Filed: Mon Oct 20 2008)
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