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"The New Sensation in Palestine" saves the day for travelers and tourism looking to find a great place to enjoy while visiting Palestine.

[USPRwire, Mon Jul 01 2013] Visitors looking to have a good time in Palestine run into one of the most common obstacles -- discerning what the restaurants and nightclubs in Palestine have to offer. Visitors want to buy a good cup of mocha, eat excellent Middle Eastern cuisine or just hang out at a cool nightclub, and with the launch of Yummypick.com, the food and restaurant destination guide, they finally can. By checking out Yummypick's listings, visitors can explore expensive restaurants as well as cheap eats, or great nightclubs and tremendous cafes. Look to YummyPick.com. the new sensation in Palestine, for choices the next time you go out.

Most of the great places to enjoy in Palestine used to be easy to find with a little guidance and a nose for what smells good, but with the boom of new places opening on the West Bank, it's getting tough. People want to find a good place to eat and enjoy a good hookah too. By checking out a restaurant at YummyPick.com, visitors can find out if it's a cafe, a restaurant or a fast food place, what they're offering, the prices and favorite entrees. For example, in the most affluent and liberal of all Palestinian cities, Ramallah, Yummypick.com can find you the perfect restaurant, kebab vendor or Mediterranean fusion cafe. With every new establishment promising to be the best, it's important to check with Yummypick.com first.

Ramallah is a good example to look to when discussing the fine food of Palestine. The restaurants in Ramallah have many varieties of food. Visitors can eat Italian pizza, Mediterranean entrees, juicy American style burgers or steaks and Mexican entrees. Different foods are in wonderful abundance in Ramallah, and dining opportunities have multiplied with poolside cafes, street vendor stands and restaurants with the soft serenading musicians all within reach with the aid of Yummypick.com.

Fast Food
Everyone is in a hurry these days and fast food is often the way to get where you're going fast. If visitors are looking for a KFC, or chicken wings, a submarine sandwich or a shwerma sandwich in the heart of Ramallah, Yummypick.com has listings they can check out. From Pizza Hut and Mickey Mouse Ramallah to Golden Fried Chicken and Abu Iskandar Shwerma, Yummypick.com will have visitors heading out for fast food in no time.

At Yummypick.com, visitors can create a favorites list, check out a restaurant's entrees, read other customer reviews and write their own. The listing includes restaurant hours, a 5-star rating system and a Google map to help locate the fast food restaurant. The photos of the restaurant on Yummypick.com give visitors a good idea what to expect when they visit an establishment. The color photos capture a restaurant's ambiance and their offerings. A viewer can immediately understand what price range and style of restaurant they're visiting by looking at the pictures.

Restaurants and Nightclubs
Many tremendous restaurants and cafes in palestine can be found on Yummypick.com, and once a restaurant is listed on the site, the exposure is impressive. With tablets and smartphones, visitors can take Yummypick.com along when they visit the nightclubs on the weekend. Ramallah is a hot destination for visitors from around the area including Jerusalem, so new nightclubs are opening all the time. Yummypick.com can help visitors have a good time.

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