HorizonTeamTravel.com Announces Founding Partnership with Pyxism, Inc.

From: HorizonTeamTravel.com
Published: Thu Dec 03 2009

HorizonTeamTravel.com of Chicago, Illinois, announces their partnership with Pyxism, a California corporation founded by Lloyd C. Wilson. Under the terms of the agreement, HorizonTeamTravel.com will provide sales and marketing services which promote Pyxism’s travel related products and services to key professionals in the home-based business industry.

HorizonTeamTravel.com spokesperson, Bart Williams, characterizes the partnership as an ideal match. Williams states, “What attracted our executive team to Pyxism is the quality of their introductory travel products, the demonstrated integrity of the ownership and management, and an innovative compensation plan with significantly reduced breakage. In this tight economy, amid highly-questionable programs, consumers demand and deserve access to legitimate travel discounts. Pyxism’s true ‘Follow-Me Matrix’ commission structure enables our network of entrepreneurs to fully capitalize on the market demand.”

The company name represents “Pyxis” (the constellation related to the nautical compass) combined with the suffix “ism” ( meaning belief in…) Mr. Wilson states, “We wanted to choose a name that reflects our core values -- literally the belief in finding one’s own direction or ‘true North.’ We also wanted a unique name with the kind of memorable identity as Google, Twitter, Yahoo, or eBay. Pyxism fits the bill completely.”

Pyxism, solely-owned by Lloyd C. Wilson, projects a full launch in mid-December. Current status is pre-launch for industry leaders with daily online meetings for more information.

Press contact:
Bart Williams
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Company: HorizonTeamTravel.com
Contact Name: Bart Williams
Contact Email: horizonteamtravel@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 206-337-1636

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