Arik Air Jobs Website Records Over 9,000 Applications in One Week

From: Arik Air
Published: Sat May 27 2006

Arik Air, the new Nigerian airline with a brand promise to become the “Wings of Nigeria”, is well on the way to achieving its objective of attracting the best personnel with a record 9,000 applicants received during the first week of opening its dedicated job website,

Speaking on the success of the website, which went live on 16th May, Alex van Elk, Managing Director, Arik Air said: “This a major milestone for the Arik brand, particularly based on the sceptic that the web environment is not particularly right for local marketing due to the problems associated with internet operations in Nigeria.

“It is also a very good indication of the value of combining both web and traditional marketing. The airline plans to use both mediums aggressively to promote Arik as an airline that aims to surpass existing local standards in the industry by adhering to European Safety standards throughout the operation.”

Arik Air will commence flights throughout Nigeria in summer 2006, and the company is ensuring that all the right structures are in place to convey the brand properties to the flying public, the core of which includes the competence of personnel in every area of the airline operation. The company is therefore committed to investing in its personnel to acquire the right attitude and skills to truly represent the brand as a customer centric airline.

Reiterating the importance of its employment plan, Alex van Elk stated that: “Arik’s use of the internet and the dedicated jobs website is also a positioning statement to separate the brand from the pack in the industry.

“Our recruitment drive began with press advertising announcing the website address and the response to the advertisement has been remarkable with almost one thousand applications pouring into the portal every day.”

About Arik Air
Arik Air, the new Nigerian Airline, will fly domestic routes throughout Nigeria from summer 2006, following which the airline will introduce intercontinental routes. Arik Air has taken occupation of the former Nigerian Airways facilities in Lagos where it will base and maintain the airline’s initial fleet of two Bombardier CRJ900s (2006), three CRJ200s (2003) and two Boeing 737s (1990).


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