pbxnsip proudly announce Top System as their software Distributor for Belgium, France, Luxembourg an

Top System, software house and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specialist for more than twenty years in windows application development takes on pbxnsip for integration into their legal software Avonca.

[USPRwire, Fri Jun 19 2009] pbxnsip, a leader in SIP-based IP PBX software for Microsoft Windows, MAC and Linux environments, today announce Top System, software house and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specialist for more than twenty years in windows application development, integration and consultancy, has further enhanced its offering with a new solution for IP telephony, a segment that is posting rapid growth and attracting increasing interest in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Morocco telephony markets. The new IP PBX product is part of a distribution agreement signed with pbxnsip, a firm with proven experience in VoIP technologies.

pbxnsip and Top System have successfully implemented a fully integrated IP PBX modular system with Top Systems very successful Avonca product, in central Europe. This is in response to growing demand for Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers to have a complete solution, fulfilling their internal network infrastructure and telephony requirements. After a two year, poor experience, with other IP PBX products, Top System approached the Avonca IP PBX issue with a new vertical application, pbxnsip, which is secure, robust and feature rich, this has opened new avenues for growth and is easy to install, configure and integrate with the product.

“We are extremely happy to have signed this distribution contract with pbxnsip. Already Top System has successfully integrated its two remote sites in Brussels and Casablanca, and their home workers, as proof of concept for our entire network. We are convinced of the possibilities offered by the product! Top System aims to offer its resellers the Avonca and pbxnsip product in French and Dutch and full pre and after sales support, training and consultancy on integrating pbxnsip with other applications”. Commented Regis Scyeur, CTO Partner at Top System.

“pbxnsip has seen a lull in the French speaking community for some time now and we have been looking for a strong distributor to support and consult the Belgium, Morocco and Luxembourg markets with the full backing of pbxnsip. Top System has a very good reputation and many years experience in supporting their channel and growing businesses successfully, I’m very happy that we crossed paths and can see a great future for Avonca and pbxnsip working together”. Added Jonathan Greenwood, CEO pbxnsip Europe Ltd.

pbxnsip can be found at www.pbxnsip.com

Top System can be found at http://www.topsystem.be/ and http://www.journeedelavocatetdudroit.be/

About Top System
Top System (www.topsystem.be) is as software house specialized in developing and distributing software applications. Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Top System was created in Belgium in 1987. Top System is located in Brussels, heart of Europe and since 2006, in Casablanca, the economical heart of Maghreb. Top System has a staff of 12 people who are distributing the followings products: Avonca, Assutop and pbxnsip.

About pbxnsip
pbxnsip (www.pbxnsip.com) makes SIP-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone systems. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to talk to attached devices like telephones, PSTN gateways and SIP service providers. The pbxnsip PBX is used to put the components from different vendors together in an enterprise communication system. Customers benefit from a modern PBX feature set that includes mobility support, computer telephone integration, and vendor independency. pbxnsip also respects the security requirements of a business critical application. Customers may run the PBX on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux-based servers and on embedded appliances. pbxnsip Inc was incorporated in 2005 and is located in Andover, Massachusetts, USA and pbxnsip Europe Ltd was created in 2008 and is located in Leeds, United Kingdom.

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