pbxnsip announce the much anticipated release of the NEW Office Basic IP PBX License

pbxnsip, a leader in SIP-based IP PBX software for Microsoft Windows, MAC and Linux environments, today announce the much anticipated release of their NEW Office Basic license edition

[USPRwire, Wed Apr 22 2009] pbxnsip, a leader in SIP-based IP PBX software for Microsoft Windows, MAC and Linux environments, today announce the much anticipated release of their NEW Office Basic license edition, a development aimed at the SMB and Enterprise environment and created in response to high market demand. The project is the latest in pbxnsip advancements, which has opened many new avenues in cost saving activities for communications deployments in the current climate. This pbxnsip product offers an array of the latest pbxnsip IP PBX features and sits side by side with the Office Pro and Pro Plus licenses as a scalable, robust and future proof product for the business looking for a reliable, complete solution.

pbxnsip are looking to the Office Basic License as an alternative, affordable yet feature rich product, to address the growing demand for an aggressively priced ‘starting line’ product. Market research has shown that a high level of pbxnsip resellers and distributors are looking for a product that will serve entry level VoIP installations or hybrid installations where customers can glue their existing PBX with a pbxnsip IP PBX. The Office Basic edition offers features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, voicemail, voicemail to email, hot desking, call forking, pbxnsip attendant console, cell phone integration, plug and play, security and advance routing. The Office Basic license paired with Upgrade Protection and resilience is a more than adequate solution for any company looking for an IP PBX, with the ability to scale in the future if required.

‘pbxnsip has always been at the cutting edge of SIP technology, we have been established in the IP PBX market for a long time now and were seeing that as long as we address the demand of the channel we will always be at the leading edge in our field. The Office Basic license is jam packed with features, we feel that this will appeal to the companies looking for an IP based telephone system without stretching budgets’. Added Kevin Moroz, COO pbxnsip Inc.

Jonathan Greenwood, of pbxnsip Europe, commented ‘our product range is lead by customer demand, we work to satisfy the needs of the market and our partners. The Office Basic product has been implemented to address the needs of our channel partners in order to take pbxnsip into the SMB arena. We feel that this is only the start in a whole host of strategic planning that we have to attack the market in 2009. pbxnsip is growing rapidly and I'm very pleased with the progress we have made in recent months, V3.3 pbxnsip software has been released in April 09 and we are close to completing V4.0 this year, this will offer even more technological advancements and take us to another level in IP Telephony’.

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pbxnsip (www.pbxnsip.eu.com) makes SIP-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone systems. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to talk to attached devices like telephones, PSTN gateways and SIP service providers. The pbxnsip PBX is used to put the components from different vendors together in an enterprise communication system. Customers benefit from a modern PBX feature set that includes mobility support, computer telephone integration, and vendor independency. pbxnsip also respects the security requirements of a business critical application. Customers may run the PBX on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux-based servers and on embedded appliances. pbxnsip Inc was incorporated in 2005 and is located in Andover, Massachusetts, USA and pbxnsip Europe Ltd was created in 2008 and is located in Leeds, United Kingdom.

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