go2 Media Puts Politics on Cell Phones

From: go2 Media
Published: Sun Feb 10 2008

go2 Media™ (www.go2.com) today announced the availability of go2 Elections ’08 (http://race08.go2.com/), a mobile website providing complete coverage of the 2008 presidential election. go2 Elections ‘08 is a first-of-its kind mobile news site focused solely on this year’s presidential elections. The site features content from leading news sources, as well as up-to-the-minute coverage of the national Democratic and Republican campaigns throughout the election season.

The content for go2 Elections ’08 is provided by prominent news outlets on a real-time basis to users of the mobile web. The site features a variety of information on the political arena, including College Campus Political Buzz, profiles of the candidates from each party, and content from the politics blog Horserace. go2 Elections ’08 is available for free on virtually any web-enabled mobile phone in the United States.

“go2 Media knows that this year’s presidential race is going to be an exciting one, so we have worked hard to build the mobile web’s most complete 2008 presidential campaign information site,” said Rob Adler, CEO of go2 Media. “The mobile generation is a major force in this year’s election and we hope go2 Elections ’08 becomes a daily companion for them as we head toward the heart of primary season, the conventions and on through the election results in November.”

go2 Media is currently ranked by Nielsen Mobile as one of the top 20 mobile websites in the U.S. with mobile phone users accessing go2 more than two million times every month. Since 2001, go2 Media has delivered more than one billion WAP page views of local content to mobile phone users across U.S. carriers. go2 Media, through its Professional Services Division, is now working with content partners to package content for distribution on the mobile web.

About go2 Media
go2 Media™ is a mobile media company that provides users valuable and compelling information fine-tuned for their mobile device. The company has longstanding relationships with carriers and advertisers; industry-leading deck placement, traffic and advertising-supported content; a network of localized, personal mobile correspondents; and multiple platforms for content delivery. go2 Media is headquartered in Boston, Mass. with offices in Santa Ana, Calif. For more information, visit www.go2.com.

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