Zapmicro Launches New Website and Offers Various Promos

Zapmicro engulfs on a new journey to immerse itself in the competitive VoIP industry.

[USPRwire, Fri Aug 03 2007] Zapmicro, one of the fastest growing telephony hardware manufacturing company, unveils their new website design offers new promotional perks hoping to capture the reseller and retail market worldwide. The lead producer of 4 port and 8 port analog cards partnered with Octasic, provides free installation support as well as ‘Buy one, Get one analog card’ promo, and will present more special discounts in the coming months.

“Accessibility for our clients counts the most. There is no substitute for their loyalty to us.” said Guillaume Durieux, Zapmicro’s Lead Product Developer. He added, “Our website is the visual representation of the company and its components. We must present ourselves in a brief but accurate manner. There is simply no room for error.” Zapmicro clearly wants to establish themselves as one of the leading worldwide distributor of analog and digital interface hardware for IP telephony needs.

Another strategy Zapmicro is undertaking is partnering with internationally acclaimed corporations such as Octasic. According to Zapmicro, their analog cards can be fully integrated with the SoftEcho software. Moreover, this creates a clearer and noise free environment among the parties in communication.

The company uses what they believe is their main competitive advantage over other IP PBX hardware manufacturers; excellent customer service. Being a manufacturer of cost-effective equipment for telephony solutions, Zapmicro is still on the verge of making it big in the bloody telecommunications industry.


Zapmicro is dedicated to producing and supporting Open Source Computer Telephony hardware and software products on the market today. We promise to bring the most reliable and cost effective digital interface cards and analog interface cards to our customers.
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