ZapMicro, Inc. Declares OctWare, An Octasic Company, one of its Major Partners

ZapMicro, Inc. equips its analog interface cards by partnering with OctWare, the makers of SoftEcho Echo Cancellation.

[USPRwire, Thu Aug 30 2007] Zapmicro, Inc., a manufacturer of analog and digital interface cards used in IP-PBX communications platform, accomplished their partnership with OctWare, an Octasic Company. This partnership was inspired by Zapmicro’s vision to address all issues present in existing analog and digital interface equipment.

Being an engineering expert in the VoIP communications industry, Zapmicro, Inc. creates a big leap by partnering with OctWare, an Octasic Company that develops echo cancellation applications made specially for IP-PBX solutions. With the technology era rocketing in, Octware’s SoftEcho Echo Cancellation is expected to serve as a smart investment for small and medium sized enterprises. SoftEcho Echo Cancellation software not only serves as a clever investment but also creates savings by eliminating additional purchase of echo cancellation hardware/modules.

Zapmicro analog cards supported by OctWare’s SoftEcho Echo Cancellation are expected to eliminate background noise and to cancel voice echo present among parties. SoftEcho Echo Cancellation software are installed in each FXO module present in 4-port analog and 8-port analog cards. Zapmicro lead product developer states that “All echo and unnecessary noise will be eliminated in this easy-to-integrate application.”


Zapmicro is dedicated to producing and supporting Open Source Computer Telephony hardware and software products on the market today. We promise to bring the most reliable and cost effective digital interface cards and analog interface cards to our customers.

OctWare’s SoftEcho

SoftEcho is a cost-effective way for Asterisk integrators to leverage Octasic’s sound processing expertise to offer carrier grade voice quality. In addition to keeping integration quick and simple, SoftEcho effectively eliminates customers’ support calls about unsatisfactory voice quality.

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