Webtel.mobi’s ultra-low cost mobile call and text service growing strongly in international populari

Webtel.mobi’s ultra-low cost mobile calling and texting service – which cuts mobile calling and texting costs by up to 80% worldwide – is being adopted by users in all countries and market sectors.

[USPRwire, Wed Jan 14 2009] Specialized mobile call and text provider Webtel.mobi (http://www.webtel.mobi) is experiencing signups from all countries internationally, and across all market sectors.

Webtel.mobi provides a service which cuts the cost of mobile calling and texting services by up to 80%, while allowing consumers to use their own mobile phones and numbers for the calls and texts.

Other than this, there is no requirement for users to sign up to a traditional mobile provider contract to use the service, and it’s free to join.

Webtel.mobi is accessible from all web-enabled mobile phones, but the internet is only used to initiate the calls or texts. The actual calls and texts go over a Next Generation Telephony Switch when initiated. This means that unlike VoIP-over-mobile services, there are no significant internet data-transfer costs for Webtel.mobi calls or texts.

Other than cutting the standard costs for mobile calling and texting by up to 80%, Webtel.mobi also cuts roaming costs dramatically, or removes them totally.

Consumers using Webtel.mobi to make calls while roaming are only charged the cost of an incoming roaming call by their own network provider. Incoming roaming charges usually only cost a quarter of outgoing roaming charges, so there is up to a 75% saving for consumers on roaming call costs – as well as the saving of up to 80% on the actual call cost.

Consumers using Webtel.mobi for text messaging while roaming are not charged any roaming fee at all on their text message by their own network provider, and therefore achieve a 100% saving on roaming text costs – as well as the 80%+ average saving on the cost of sending roaming text messages.

Through its online initiation system, Webtel.mobi provides exactly the same mobile functions for calling and texting as any other mobile provider, but its service is available in all countries, and on all mobile phones regardless of the consumers network operator. All that is required is that the mobile phone must be able to access the internet – which over 90% of mobile phones in circulation can do.

Call costs are lower in cost that many standard mobile providers for local calls, and much lower than most mobile provider for local texts.

For international or roaming calls and texts, Webtel.mobi’s costs are much lower than the standard costs for most other mobile operators.

Because of its versatile and easy-to-use platform, Webtel.mobi has seen usage of its system increase in both the private and corporate sectors, among all age and income groups, and in all countries internationally.

Launched in English in November 2008, it is scheduled to be made available in 20 languages by the end of Q1 2009. Already one of the largest mobile providers internationally in terms of geographic reach, its multilingual platform is being implemented to also make it one of the largest mobile providers by international customer base in 2009.

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The Webtel.mobi site can also be used from desktop computers for landline to landline calls.

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Webtel.mobi is the mobile phone division of the company Worldbizonline.com Limited – an international Advertising and Communication company which uses the internet as its platform.

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