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VoiParty is a technology holding company formed in 2005 with the express purpose of turning a brilliant idea into a reality. Our founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of telecommunications, e-commerce and internet marketing This is a home based business opportunity unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

[USPRwire, Mon Dec 07 2009] It is kind of funny that we are all looking for something and all trying to share it with those who are in search of that one unique opportunity. Finally, there is an opportunity that is a home business opportunity unlike anything that has ever been seen before. It is very different than any MLM you've ever seen. If you are really looking for something different then read on.

It is my pleasure to present what I believe to be one the most lucrative home business opportunities we have ever seen. Right now, this proprietary technology being offered by VoiParty is available only to residents of the USA and Canada. Expansion to International markets will be forthcoming after the network has achieved saturation here in the US.

Turn Your Existing Phone and Internet Service into a Lucrative Home Business.

VoiParty is the world's first international peer-to-peer IXC network. IXC or Inter-Exchange Communications is a multi-billion dollar monthly revenue stream generated on the wholesale side of the telecommunications industry. This passive income stream has never been offered as a home based business opportunity.

Through the VoiParty unique network architecture you can plug into this revenue stream by simply connecting your home telephone and internet to our VoiParty Connection device. This is a home based business opportunity unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

VoiParty members will get paid just for plugging into our system will:

1. Earn thousands in residual income (per year month or week)
2. Membership rewards programs featuring cars, trips and cash bonuses
3. On-Line Training and Sales support via Webinar and conference call
4. No Monthly Recurring Fees Nothing to Buy or Sell
5. FREE long distance calls for USA and Canada.
6. FREE second line with all the usual premium features.
7. FREE international calls to members & up to 70% off retail rates to nonmembers

If you have relatives, friends or business partners overseas, this could save you HUNDREDS - even THOUSANDS of dollars a year, but the really exciting part about VoiParty is this; everyone this opportunity is shared with, and anyone they share it with, up to 10 generations down will generate a long term passive residual income stream for all of them. The key to any investment opportunity is Timing – becoming a part of a Ground Floor Opportunity before the growth curve begins!

What VoiParty is not:

VoiParty is not a direct sales or MLM company. We are not selling telephone services. We are not selling any products. We are not recruiting distributors. We do not require our members to maintain monthly minimum sales. We do not charge our members monthly recurring fees. What we are doing is building a network of people to become part of a company with a goal of capturing a minimum of 15% of the 100 billion minutes billed monthly. This network of people will share in this revenue on a forced matrix system. VoiParty is in pre-launch right now. This means the time to consider this is NOW, before the growth curve begins!

Who is VoiParty?

VoiParty is a technology holding company formed in 2005 with the express purpose of turning a brilliant idea into a reality. Our founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of telecommunications, e-commerce and internet marketing. Over the past four years we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours to develop the technology that has allowed us to create the world’s first peer-to-peer Interexchange Carrier.

VoiParty has developed a proprietary technology that allows people using our VoiParty connection device to get free long distance calls to people in the VoiParty network, as well as free calls to the USA and Canada. In addition, users can buy plans that offer international calling to people outside of our network at greatly reduced rates.

How Does It Work?

But how will members earn money just by joining? Simple – By eliminating the long distance portion & premium features of their phone bill they will be saving $240 to $300 each and every year. VoiParty gives members those services for FREE because the VoiParty device helps us generate revenue through Wholesale IXC.

The simplest way to explain how VoiParty generates income from IXC is this: What may be a FREE local call for members is a long distance call for someone else. VoiParty uses proprietary technology to capture and route non-member calls through the internet to the members VoiParty connection – thereby turning their FREE local call into CASH.

In the USA alone the cash flow from wholesale IXC is over $800 million per month. Due to Least Cost Routing Industry standards our network will capture 10% to 15% of that every month. The best part is that 70% of the VoiParty income will be paid to the members that make up the actual network.

That means that VoiParty members will get a share of the $80 to $120 million dollars per month simply by plugging into the VoiParty network and sharing this incredible opportunity with friends and family. That's right - VoiParty will pay members a permanent residual passive income just for helping us grow the network.

This is so simple to set up anyone could do it - extremely little technical knowledge is required. If you can plug it in - you can set it up.

Phase One of our telecommunications company and infrastructure is complete:

VoiParty is capable right now of terminating 15% of the 100 billion minutes of phone calls per month that the industry has available. The only reason we are not doing this today is that we have not yet built our telephone pole network using the VoiParty Telco Interface Module (TIM). This is where Phase Two begins.

Phase Two, Building the VoiParty Network is Underway NOW:

This is the fun part, the building of the network of telephone poles. This phase is to establish 1.3 million VoiParty members across the country. Peer to Peer, as mentioned earlier, is the never seen before secret to this formula. It does several things that has never been accomplished.

One, is that it will allow VoiParty to build the largest national telephone network in the country. AT&T the largest of the ILECs only covers 30% of the nation. VoiParty will cover 90% of the nation because our network of telephone poles will be in the homes of our members.

How can VoiParty Pay our members so much money?

Throughout the telecom industry there is huge infrastructure and overhead cost. With our Peer to Peer never been seen before proprietary technology, VoiParty will operate with a minuscule overhead compared to the rest of the industry. With less overhead we can charge less and still maintain a high gross profit.

One of the major overhead reductions is that our of members will be the VoiParty network. All of the master peers, the clecs, the T20s, and the huge broadband that the competition has to maintain and pay for is gone with VoiParty. Our members are the network. We are paying our members for the use of their broadband and home phone landline.

The minimum requirements:

VoiParty needs members with high speed internet and a basic local unlimited calling telephone land line. The TIM will interconnect your DSL or Broadband modem and your phone line. VoiParty does not need a computer to function or interface with.

How it works:

When VoiParty originates a call from one of our master peers, we voip it through the internet to one of our TIM’s or telephone poles. It enters a members VoiParty TIM from the internet side and then it is sent out of the TIM through the land line side and the call is then terminated at its destination.

VoiParty will be doing this for an average of 300 minutes per day for all of the connection devices in the network. This is where the income is generated to the company and from which VoiParty will pay its members, the network, 70% of that income.

VoiParty Associates have the unique competitive advantage of marketing a product (the TIM) that actually pays you just for joining and owning it. No additional fees or purchases will be required to cash in on this unique tool and if you decide to share this with friends you will be rewarded for doing so.

In addition to this, VOIParty is building an on-line community of like minded people who help each other grow and develop in positive and inspiring ways. Share this opportunity with your Friends today and watch your network grow as people everywhere begin to realize that this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

VoiParty is opening the flood gates! December will be the last month to position your self in the VoiParty Matrix before the official National Launch on January 1st, 2010. Since our first Pearl Lounge meeting in September, VoiParty has experienced 50% growth and has expanded into 33 states! This wave is going to turn into a Tsunami so get on board and hang on for the ride of your life. Don't get left behind.

Click on the Video Links below to learn more:

The Technology and Business Model : http://www.screencast.com/t/NmIxYWQ5MDE
Compensation Plan and Benefits : http://www.screencast.com/t/MGY3MTI0MT

Get the details on this ASAP – It only will be available for a limited time and in limited areas demographically. It will produce a VERY lucrative monthly residual from a ONE TIME out-of-pocket payment. Membership is BY INVITATION ONLY and will only be available for a limited time.

Contact :
William Austin
Athens, Georgia

Company: VoiParty

Contact Name: William Austin

Contact Email: ba_austin@voipartynetwork.com

Contact Phone: 706-247-1841

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