VoiPartyTeamNetwork.com Joins VoiParty Members to Act as VOIP Telephone Pole

Voiparty Team Network has joined with VoiParty, a Florida based telecommunications company that is building a unique peer-to-peer telephone network, based on proprietary technology, for residents of the USA and Canada. Voiparty is a technology holding company founded in 2005 that combined the founders’ creative expertise in telecommunications

[USPRwire, Wed Dec 16 2009] voipartyteamnetwork.com as a member of VoiParty is building a network of people to develop a peer-to-peer VOIP network. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over internet networks.

In 2009 VoiParty began building a network of 1.3 MILLION “telephone poles.” The peer-to-peer network is comprised of VIP Members who make a one-time purchase for the 4 inch square VoiParty Connection box, provide a high speed internet connection with a modem (cable, DSL, or fiber-optic) and connect to a dedicated land line phone connection with unlimited local minutes in your home. After the one-time purchase for the connection box, the only cost is the annual fee of $30. No computer is required.

All the money VoiParty earns and distributes to members comes from revenues derived from the inter-connection fees earned from terminating (delivering) billions of call minutes. VoiParty’s has implemented a unique infrastructure to outprice industry competitors. The connection box purchased by a member from VoiParty makes money by serving as a “telephone pole” connection and connecting other people’s telephone calls.

In the USA, the wholesale Inter-Exchange Communications (IXC) network generates over $800 million dollars per month. Based on the telecommunications industry’s Least Cost Routing Industry standards, the VoiParty network is targeting 10%-15% of that market each month. Since VoiParty is developing a unique peer-to-peer network, 70% of the VoiParty income will be paid to the VIP members that make up the actual network. VoiParty members will share in the $80 to $190 million dollars per month by connecting into the VoiParty network and developing their own member teams. VoiParty is structured to pay VIPmembers a permanent residual income for helping VoiParty grow their peer-to-peer network.

A www.voipartyteamnetwork.com spokesperson stated, “Consider earning monthly checks doing a minimal amount of work without ever having to do anything again, other than making a one-time purchase -- keeping a connection box (telephone pole) connected to the internet and the local landline telephone, of course and paying the annual fee. Once the 1.3 million ‘telephone poles’ are sold and the peer-to-peer telephone pole network is built, the program is closed.”

VoiParty originates a call from one of the master peers, the call is voiped through the Internet to one of the TIM’s or telephone poles (the VIP Member’s connection box). The call enters a VOIParty TIM from the internet side and then it is directed out of the TIM through the landline side of the call and then the phone call is terminated at its destination. VoiParty will be performing this connection function for an average of 300 minutes per day for all of the connection devices in the VoiParty network. This connection feature is where the income is generated to VoiParty and from which VoiParty will pay its VIP Members, 70% of the income generated from the wholesale side of the business.

Voiparty independent representative Barbara Karchin of www.voipartyteamnetwork.com states, "When I studied this technology and its unique applications in everyday telephone usage and the potential for thousands of users to participate in a peer-to-peer network has the potential to provide a valuable additional stream of income.”

Details for VoiParty ASAP will be available for a limited time and in limited geographic locales. View an informational webinar at http://joinvoiparty.com. Membership to VoiParty is by invitation only.

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