The Top Predator of Critical Network Affecting Events – Dantel’s PointMaster Eagle Continues to Adap

Dantel Inc the leader in network surveillance and management systems, continues to adapt PointMaster Eagle for key surveillance applications.

[USPRwire, Thu Jul 23 2009] Dantel Inc., the leader in network surveillance and management systems, continues to adapt PointMaster Eagle for key surveillance applications. For years the Eagle has been an integral part of monitoring communication networks nationwide and its ability to adapt to various configurations makes it ideal to use in any deployment scenario.

A proven and trusted solution, the Eagle is standard with all Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCS), operating in thousands of central offices in many different applications. PointMaster is currently in use monitoring critical networks for the United States Air Defense System.

The Eagle can be used as a standalone system or to add alarm capacity to existing Dantel460 Alarm & Control Systems (ACS). It works for similar expansion of other non-Dantel systems easily interfacing with IP based networks and legacy networks as well. Available wiring options make it a seamless replacement solution for non-Dantel alarm systems as well as Dantel Alarm Block (Smart Blocks) and Scan & Control (Scanner) systems.

“It is amazing how many applications we can address with the Eagle. PointMaster easily upgrades some of our discontinued systems like Smart Blocks and Scanners or replace other vendor’s equipment,” said Frank Martinez of Dantel. “Our clients are extremely pleased with the choices we offer to make their job easier—practically a plug and play solution that leverages existing wiring. We provide many ways to get to an Eagle including retrofits and upgrade kits.”

Dantel’s PointMaster Eagle is the top predator of network alarms with proven reliability. Among its key features:
• Web Browser, SNMP/IP, TL1/IP, DCPF, TABS, TBOS
• 5 sizes – 64 to 256 inputs and 4 to 32 control outputs
• Simultaneous communications over serial and IP interfaces
• Multiple mounting options, small form factor and Telcordia NEBs 3 Certified

Eagle Solutions include:
• Eagle Standalone – Reports to Network Operations Center directly in TL1 or SNMP via IP.
• 460 ACS Expansion – expands alarm capabilities for our original 460 equipment in new or existing applications.
• Eagle Smart Adapter Kit (ESAK) – Replaces Dantel Smart Blocks, uses existing wiring, and installs in minutes.
• Scanner Replacement – Replaces Dantel Scan & Control System, uses existing wiring, and installs in minutes
• Classic PM Eagle Upgrade Kit – upgrades any classic PointMaster to Eagle level and installs in minutes.
• Customized Configurations – Contact Dantel for details.

About Dantel, Inc.:
For nearly 40 years, Dantel has been a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of surveillance and management solutions for critical infrastructure protection. As a Microsoft® Certified Partner we provide our customers with advanced solutions and benefits unsurpassed in our industry. Today's business climate demands cost-effective, secure and reliable methods for remote monitoring. Today, more companies are demanding Dantel. “We’re always looking for trouble”, For more information on Dantel, call 800-432-6835, or visit us at

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