Schools Opt for SMS to Parents Instead Of Voice Calls

Educational institutions are choosing SMS instead of voice calls to their parent communities due to a growing ban of mobile phone calls in public places.

[USPRwire, Wed Apr 14 2010] Due to the growing trend in banning mobile phone calls in public places, schools are choosing SMS as their primary method of communication to parents due to its non intrusive, efficient and cost effective nature.

Mobile phone calls are already banned in cinemas, courts, Government as well as many hospitals, workplaces and restaurants. The ban is becoming more widespread due to complaints of voice calls in public being rude, disruptive and invasive.

To reach parent communities when such bans are in place, schools are now swapping hours of voice calling to relay simple messages with instant SMS from their computers.

Schools are recognising the phone call bans as well as realising how time consuming and expensive the calls to parents are. Sending bulk SMS from PC has become their non intrusive, quick and cost effective alternative.

Discouraged to answer mobile phones in public places, most users opt to switch their mobile onto ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’. This means that with SMS, a school can always convey announcements, reminders and alerts to their parent community.

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