SafeMedia Comes To Hollywood To Share Business Technology Solutions For The Much Needed University a

The September 20th , 2007 forum co-hosted by the MPAA and the University of California System is the first ever workshop with members of the university community, technology companies, online service providers and entertainment executives to discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions to providing a new world of choice in online entertainment.

[USPRwire, Tue Sep 18 2007] Counterfeiting and Global piracy, especially Internet piracy is costing America billions of dollars in lost wages, taxes and goods, one more reason SafeMedia Corporation believes the MPAA, RIAA, government agencies, ISP's and the education community should do more to prevent it. SafeMedia contends this group should work on finding viable technical solutions that satisfies the needs of all the stake holders wanting to secure the Internet and cut out Internet Piracy.

The workshop is designed to engage university leaders, entertainment executives, artists, consumers, technology companies and experts in conversations about the Internet and Entertainment. It will explore areas where vision, strategic interests and expertise converge to surface opportunities for collaboration.
“Music and movie piracy costs the U.S. sound recording and motion picture industries billions of dollars in lost revenue and profits annually,” said SafeMedia Corp. President Pasquale Giordano. SafeMedia Corp. is a technology company that has developed a cost effective solution that eliminates the complex dangers of P2P networks and illegal file sharing. SafeMedia's network appliance - Clouseau is a cost effective solution that eliminates all the dangers of contaminated P2P networks on Government, Corporate, University and ISP networks. SafeMedia's solution never invades user privacy, because it
does not examine files or users.”
SafeMedia technology can never be circumvented via encryption, compression or any other method. Our solution eliminates the dangers of identity theft, viruses, malware, and spyware to your network from contaminated P2P networks. Top Educational CIO and IT leaders, senior executives representing digital content owners, industry experts, and Internet Service Providers and solution providers will address topics including:
· Digital social behaviors among college age consumers
· New technology and innovations that will open the door to new opportunities
· Projects for the entertainment industry and universities to work together
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