Pbxeq Announces its Partnership with Zapmicro

Pbxeq partners with one of the manufacturers of quality open source telephony analog and digital hardware.

[USPRwire, Mon Jul 30 2007] Zapmicro, an expert in manufacturing open source computer telephony hardware for the growing telecommunications industry, officially makes its way to PBXEQ’s online cart. Zapmicro manufactures analog and digital cards utilized for modern communications platform, SME’s PABX systems, open source telephony projects and VoIP installations.

Zapmicro open source telephony equipment are competitively priced and are made with the most cost-effective materials without giving up quality and reliability. According to Zapmicro’s lead product developer Guillaume Durieux, “All Zapmicro analog and digital interface cards are as equally reliable as its leading competitors. In some cases, Zapmicro cards perform better.”

Zapmicro’s presence in PBXEQ’s online cart create a good chance for US residents to enjoy “Quality and Value for a very competitive price”. Being pin-to-pin compatible with its main comptetitors, Zapmicro analog and digital interface cards are can be universally applied to any system and application. Zapmicro has made partnerships with numerous computer parts and IT-related resellers worldwide.

About Zapmicro

Zapmicro is dedicated to producing and supporting Open Source Computer Telephony hardware and software products on the market today. We promise to bring the most reliable and cost effective digital interface cards and analog interface cards to our customers.

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