Next2Friends™ Launches the Next2Friends Social Suite™ for iPhone

Two-click photo capture and upload, dashboard, opinion polling on the move, and proximity profile matching for one of the most talked about phones in the world.

[USPRwire, Thu Nov 13 2008] Next2Friends™ (, the mobile social media platform, today announces the release of its new Social Suite™ for Apple’s iPhone. The Social Suite™ is a comprehensive set of proven real time mobile tools designed to allow members to share and interact with one another and their profiles from anywhere, be it through live broadcasted news developments, capturing major life events, or bringing families and friends from around the world closer to home.

Next2Friends’ singular vision is to use almost any mobile phone, the piece of technology closest to us all, to extend and enhance our ability to connect with one another other than through voice calls. Indeed, the Next2Friends Social Suite™ is the first of its kind to fuse together so many life enhancing applications. “Never before has such a broad set of tools been bundled into one simple mobile application,” says CEO Roy Shelton. “While there may be competitors to any one part of our offering, no one has had the clarity of vision to see that the common denominator of all these mobile applications is bringing people closer together. Our interest in that one simple principle led us to create the Next2Friends Social Suite and I am extremely proud to be the first company to bring this innovative, simple to download and easy to use application to the market.

The new Social Suite™ consolidates three dynamic mobile applications in to one feature rich product. Next2Friends Snap Up is a simple but revolutionary tool that allows members to snap and upload photos to the web in just 2 key strokes from their mobile phone. A copy of each photo is automatically sent to the account owner’s email address, thereby completely eliminating the need to transfer photos from a phone to a computer. Applications range from easily sharing moments with family and friends to facilitating a brand new way for bloggers and other content creators to instantly populate the web with media from virtually anywhere.

Next2Friends Ask allows members to ask media rich questions of their network of friends and get real time answers when it matters most. Questions can be sent, received and responded to from either a mobile phone or the web. Uses of Next2Friends Ask range from simply getting advice while shopping to consumer brands procuring valuable feedback on their campaigns.

Next2Friends Tag utilizes Bluetooth proximity awareness to automatically match members based on their physical movements in space. Gone are the days of filing through profiles to find like-minded people to build a network. Next2Friends Tag extends a profile into physical space by automatically matching and suggesting people who are similar based on their coming into close proximity with one another (within 30 ft) thereby affording the opportunity to become friends in the real world. Next2Friends Tag is especially useful for network building in dense congregations of people, from connecting people in similar industries at business tradeshows to helping musicians finding new fans for their music.

And all of these are brought together through a simple and fluid mobile launch page which grants easy access to the above mentioned applications as well as each member’s Dashboard of recent friend activity, their Inbox and Outbox, and editable Settings Information.

“We’re excited to be extending all the things that makes Next2Friends so useful to the iPhone,” says Anthony Nystrom, CTO at Next2Friends, “the Social Suite completes our overarching goal of delivering a new level of intimacy and immediacy through technology,”

Other fully supported devices include popular models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry and now Apple’s iPhone. To install Next2Friends™ Social Suite on your iPhone simply find Next2Friends on Apple’s App Store under Social Networking. Installation is free. For support on any other handset, fill out the simple registration form at: and visit


About Next2Friends

Next2Friends (, the mobile social media platform, was created to deliver content and connections that entertain, engage and enhance life. Bringing together the full capabilities of both mobile and PC-based internet technology, the comprehensive suite of applications and features provide rich media, commercial and communication services to today’s connected consumer.

Key applications include:

Next2Friends Live – true, real-time video streaming from mobile device to web.

The Next2Friends platform utilises patent-pending, proprietary technology to ensure consumers, businesses and brands enjoy the full value of the mobile internet. The UK Limited Company, formed in 2007, has offices in the UK and US, in addition to R&D divisions on three continents.

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