Products from Palm, Logitech, Garmin, XM Satellite and AskMeNow Meet Travelers’ Needs

[USPRwire, Tue Jan 31 2006] (IIW), a portal dedicated to investor information on the wireless industry, provides an overview on travel technology gaining momentum within the consumer electronics arena. Innovations in GPS are discussed with companies such as Garmin International, and Palm Inc., with insights provided by AskMeNow on its application that enables travelers to access relevant information from their mobile device. Logitech shares video communication evolution, while Sling Media Inc., Coby Electronics Corporation and XM Satellite (NASDAQ: XMSR) reveal details regarding unique portable entertainment devices.

Jim Schwabe, General Manager of Accessories for Palm (NASDAQ: PALM) explains, “One of the biggest changes that has happened in the past couple of years is the ability to implement formally complex solutions like GPS on a handheld or smartphone. Garmin International’s nüvi product, provides users with a new highly sensitive GPS receiver, with an assortment of additional travel features in one compact device.

AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC) looks to answer the needs of the traveler for on-the-go information by enabling subscribers to simply call or text message any question from a mobile telephone or handheld device to receive the information requested in moments. While real-time video communication has grown in popularity through companies such as Logitech International (NASDAQ: LOGI), through innovative and portable web cam products.

Convergence in Mobile Devices Drives Travel Technology Adoption and Innovation

By Ann-Marie Fleming,
January 2006
As consumer behavior has evolved into a mobile lifestyle, the face of consumer electronics has shifted. Adapting to a wireless world has led the industry to innovations that cater to the needs for compact and portable products, but also to the convergence of multiple technologies to address society’s on-the-go demands. Access to relevant and mobile real-time information and transportability has impacted the evolution of design and the degree of product appropriateness, benefiting today’s traveler in business and in leisure.
Norman L. Rose, President of Travel Tech Consulting and Analyst for Phocuswright, a travel research firm explains, “The new world of the always-connected mobile traveler is arriving faster than the industry can adapt. New applications such as location based services (LBS) will become a key differentiator for the frequent traveler and should be considered enhancements to existing customer service initiatives. We are moving away from the view of mobile technology as the next “cool” thing to an understanding that wireless communication is an essential part of the new travel process.”
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AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC) is a revolutionary new service that can answer any question you have, anywhere, anytime. Use your cell phone or BlackBerry® handheld to ask a question -- through e-mail or a simple phone call -- and the answer is promptly sent back to your handheld device via text message or e-mail. You can use it to manage your time and effort efficiently. Tend to other tasks and avoid the headaches of Internet search engines or waiting on hold for an operator while AskMeNow finds the information you need. InfoByPhone Corp. d.b.a. AskMeNow, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corp.

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