Hospital Offers Enhanced Care & Supports Mission Critical Applications with Dark Fiber Communication

From: New England Fiber
Published: Fri Feb 02 2007

With the help of Boston-based NEF, Inc., a telecommunications consulting company specializing in custom networks, New England Baptist is moving forward with its care and operations faster than ever.

New England Baptist, like many advanced health care organizations, is facing challenges on a variety of fronts. Patients have higher expectations for care and procedural efficiency; physicians need better, faster systems to maximize their time and specialties; finally, disaster recovery initiatives and HIPAA compliance require off-site back-up of voluminous and highly sensitive information.

How could New England Baptist address these three distinct issues quickly and cost effectively? The solution was dark fiber. By tapping into Boston’s wealth of unused optical fiber, known as dark fiber, the hospital now has a fail-proof connection to sensitive information and exponentially higher bandwidth for health care and records applications than ever before.

?"Dark fiber not only gives New England Baptist Hospital a logistical solution to their current communications needs, but it gives them control over their network and the scalability to grow,” says Steve McCarthy of NEF. ?"Most importantly, the cost savings of implementing a network using dark fiber is substantial.”

New England Baptist worked with NEF to design a secure, custom dark fiber network enabling all facilities to connect to an off-site data center, offloading all mission critical applications and creating much-needed redundancy in information storage. Dark fiber also enables the hospital to continue to advance and implement technical solutions without having to secure more bandwidth to support new capabilities.

Ultimately, it’s the patients and physicians who benefit from the cutting edge use of dark fiber at New England Baptist. The speed of the network translates into time saved by physicians and staff which enables better care for patients. The hospital’s new bandwidth capabilities also create efficiencies in the admissions and discharge procedures. Patients who come from all over the country can get back on their feet with appropriate care instructions and referrals through an innovative web portal supported by the new dark fiber network.

?"As a Physician’s case load increases, so do the demands to take care of the patient as efficiently as possible. Caregivers do not have even a minute to wait for any computer latency,” says Marty Botticelli, Chief Information Officer of New England Baptist. ?"The physicians have more time to care for patients, and the patients are the real winners. Now they don’t have to wait for the computers that provide care-critical information to the physicians and nurses striving to care for them through a slow, potentially unreliable computer connection.”

Another benefit of dark fiber for NEBH? No network downtime. Botticelli offers, ?"The reliability of the network has been outstanding and truly a necessity for our mission critical operations and disaster recovery. Our connectivity is the pride of the organization, and NEF was truly a partner, not just a broker, of those services.”

About New England Baptist Hospital
NEBH offers nationally recognized expertise in orthopedic surgery and performs more complex orthopedic procedures than any other hospital in Massachusetts. The site of one of the first artificial hip replacements in the country, NEBH continues to lead the way in new methods to diagnose and treat all forms of musculoskeletal disorders and disease.

NEBH has been recognized by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) as one of the top 10 hospitals nationally for knee and hip orthopedics. NEBH was also selected by U.S. News & World Report as a top orthopedic hospital.

The hospital is a teaching affiliate of Tufts University School of Medicine and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and conducts teaching programs in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard School of Medicine.

About NEF
NEF is a telecommunications consulting organization that specializes in creating and designing communications networks, such as the one designed for New England Baptist. With over 25 years in the telecom industry, NEF identifies and capitalizes on the incredible amount of fiber optic network assets that remain unused or under-utilized after the telecommunications boom of the 1990's. And with no specific carrier allegiance, NEF works in the best interests of its clients to maximize communications return on investment. For more information about NEF or about dark fiber, call NEF at 877-DK-FIBER or email

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