DESERTEC: Industrial Initiative Dii Selects Brainloop Secure Dataroom for Secure Communications

The international Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) has selected Brainloop's web-based data room and is using it as a secure collaboration platform for sharing information.

[USPRwire, Mon Aug 16 2010] The international Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) has selected Brainloop's web-based data room and is using it as a secure collaboration platform for sharing information. The solution enables Dii's decentralized project teams to work on and store their documents directly within the data room.

The Industrial Initiative Dii GmbH was founded in October 2009 by the not-for-profit DESERTEC Foundation and twelve leading corporations. The mission of the consortium, which today has 17 shareholders and 22 associated partners, is to create the right conditions for the production of sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Dii's goal is to supply CO2-free energy to both the producer countries and Europe, with a long-term plan to provide up to 15 percent of Europe’s electricity needs in this way.

Alexander Mohanty, Dii's Head of Communication, says: “Over the next few years, our industrial initiative will need to resolve a wide range of specific issues, such as the ongoing development of renewable energy sources, as well as the creation of suitable distribution networks and efficient energy markets. This is why we need a powerful and secure platform for our decentralized working groups to ensure efficient collaboration between our shareholders, partners and other external institutions.”

As Brainloop Secure Dataroom ( ) is accessed with a simple browser, project team members can check on the current status of their project documents anytime and from any location. Security is provided by two-factor authentication with a password and a one-time PIN sent by text message to the user's cell phone. Users can send documents easily yet securely, using their normal email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Recipients receive an email containing a download link to the data room instead of an attachment and – based on their permissions – must sign in with a password and/or one-time PIN before they can access the document. The documents are also protected after they have been downloaded from the data room. The project participants’ document editing permissions, which are stored in the data room, can be freely configured and range from read-only access to full editing and forwarding rights. The data room is managed by the relevant project owner. This person decides who has access to the documents and which permissions should be assigned to each individual user. In accordance with current rules, system administrators have no access to the data rooms. The tamper-proof audit trail, which tracks every access to the data room and every change to a document, provides process transparency as well as compliance with the relevant regulations.

About Brainloop:
Brainloop, ( ) with offices in Boston and Munich, is the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security management of confidential documents. Brainloop Secure Dataroom ( ) is a virtual document safe that enables safe filing, editing and distribution of highly confidential documents within a single company, and beyond. All contents are powerfully protected from unauthorized internal or external attacks, and all actions within the dataroom are documented by an auditing system. Examples for use include contract negotiations, collecting data and writing up quarterly reports, and any other communication that contains confidential information.

Brainloop Secure Dataroom ( ) is used internationally by hundreds of renowned companies including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Eurocopter, Galileo Industries, Premiere and ThyssenKrupp. Leading law firms and investment banks use this solution for the complete life cycle of M&A transactions. Strategic partners of Brainloop are HP, IZB, Microsoft and T-Systems Business Services.

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