Avot Media Announces Mobile Video Survey Findings

Results Showcase User Interest in Mobile Video

[USPRwire, Wed Jul 23 2008] Avot Media (www.avotmedia.com), an innovator in real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to mobile devices, today announced the results of its mobile video user survey. More than four hundred mobile device users answered an online survey after viewing a video via their mobile phones. The study uncovers users’ concerns and interests regarding mobile media quality, start-up time, costs, and content choice.

Results of the study revealed that mobile video is in demand by a variety of users. One of the key takeaways from the study is that 55 percent of the 29-and-under demographic said they would use the simple “send SMS for video” model to request video content of interest to them. This user demographic was open to a variety of video content, for example:
• 32 percent would watch American Idol performances
• 36 percent would view movie trailers
• 31 percent would access instructional ‘how to’ videos
“There’s been plenty of buzz in the industry about mobile video and its possibilities and how brands can utilize them to connect with their target audience,” said DeWayne Nelon, CEO of Avot Media. “While the industry has been slower to adapt to these possibilities, these results clearly show that there is a great deal of interest for mobile video services and the time for companies to start integrating them to their marketing campaigns is now."

Challenges still exist as mobile video technology matures. Outdated phone models, limited phone or carrier support, user error and/or poor coverage are among the challenges some users reported. Additionally, users expressed general concern about image quality (32%), download time (33%), and freezing/stuttering (33%). Seventy five percent of those surveyed were able to successfully watch the video via Avot Media’s video formatting and streaming solution. Among this group the following was reported on the mobile video viewing experience:
• 95 percent stated that the “send SMS for video” process was easy
• 89 percent said the video start-up time was medium fast or fast
• 71 percent reported the video image was clear or crystal clear
The survey was deployed via a web survey tool. Survey takers were asked to test-drive Avot Media’s mobile video delivery service. After watching a video they answered 10 short questions about the overall experience.
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