AllCom Announces Services Deal with Black Diamond University

From: AllCom
Published: Thu Jan 29 2009

Nevada based AllCom announced today that it has entered into an agreement to provide tailored unified communications services to Black Diamond University and its worldwide network of distributors.

Steve Airola, CEO of Black Diamond University, explained, “We were looking for a way to let our distributors send and receive messages from their up-line or to their down-line, while giving an even more polished image to our distributors ??" many of whom work from home ??" with a very professional way to receive telephone calls and messages from business associates and potential customers.

“We did a great deal of research in the unified communications industry, and we’re very pleased to announce that we've selected AllCom to provide our messaging service to all our distributors, worldwide.”

AllCom will provide Black Diamond University and its distributor-members with GenieVOX which is specifically geared to use by social networks, network organizations and similar mutual-interest groups.

AllCom CEO Thomas Skala added, “AllCom’s ‘best-in-class’ virtual office service is ideal for individuals who work from home ??" like the Black Diamond University members ??" but want to maintain the professional business image of established companies without the much higher overhead.”

“One of our major goals,” said Darrell Utterbach, a Royal Black Diamond University Distributor, “was to provide an efficient tool to send messages from our various leaders to large groups of members, through which we teach thousands of MonaVie distributors at a time how to be successful in our industry. With AllCom we can do that, anytime ??" free.”

Skala went on to explain, “AllCom's focus for the future can be summed up in a few words. We help our Genie Subscribers to ‘Save More - Make More’.”

About AllCom

AllCom, a Nevada corporation incorporated in 1997, set out to design and fully develop a proprietary mix of hardware and software that integrates three powerful technologies into one seamless service: Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium.

AllCom developed the Universal Office, our proprietary soft switch, which integrates those three key elements on a single platform, running over GenieNet, a global private voice-over-IP network. Genie™ is the personality of the Universal Office on the phone and online.

From New York City to Seattle, from Miami to San Diego, from Houston to Minneapolis, from Boston to Salt Lake City, AllCom provides Local Service in over five thousand cities and communities, in forty countries on five continents. Approximately 85% of the people in the United States can reach Genie ??" and YOU - with a local call.

AllCom’s unique International Public Access Network enables you and your friends, family members and business associates, to reach your Genie Numbers FREE OF CHARGE, as a local call, from over 5,000 cities and communities in North America, and forty countries on five continents around the world.

About Black Diamond University

Black Diamond University seeks to teach MonaVie distributors the core fundamentals of building a prosperous MonaVie business through various training materials, website resources, conference calls and live events.

Those distributors that wish to utilize the vast resources of this training system can do so by visiting

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