3Guppies’ Moblog Popularity Increases

William Sledd, Forbidden and Madelyn Add Moblogs to Their MySpace Profiles

[USPRwire, Tue Nov 13 2007] 3Guppies today announced the use of its mobile blogging tool by three rising celebrities—YouTube star William Sledd, MySpace icon Christine Dolce, aka Forbidden, and Florida-based band Madelyn. The 3Guppies moblog tool launched in MySpace in September 2007, and enables consumers to instantly and easily update social networking sites like MySpace through their cell phones.

In addition to allowing users to post pictures, video and text messages to MySpace in real-time, the 3Guppies’ widget also includes an option for friends to get SMS alerts when a particular moblog is updated.

3Guppies’ widget allows Sledd, Dolce and Madelyn to have a more personal connection with their fan base through their cell phones. Sledd takes pictures of “fashion victims” with his camera phone to instantly post them on his moblog (http://www.myspace.com/WilliamSledd). In his most recent video posted on YouTube, Sledd urges his fans to subscribe to his “très fun” mobile blog (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXu6I3aW0cs).

Dolce uses the moblog to document her everyday activities—posting pictures of her dogs, guests at her radio show or self-portraits taken while stuck in traffic (http://www.myspace.com/forbidden). Madelyn updates their fans through their moblog with photos and videos taken while on tour (http://www.myspace.com/madelyn). Fans who have opted to get a free mobile feed receive real-time updates whenever a new post is added.

“I always have my cell phone with me, and the 3Guppies widget has been a fun way for me to instantly update my fans about my life with the pictures I take with my cell phone,” said Dolce. “Moblogging is definitely one of the best ways to stay connected since I don’t even need access to a computer. All I need to do is take a picture, add a caption and send it to fans via my moblog.”

John Dearborn, CEO of 3Guppies said, “Consumers today keep in touch with their friends through social networks. We’re finding that many MySpace users tell their stories with images and videos more so than text. With the 3Guppies widget, we are providing them a bridge to easily and quickly share videos and photos they captured with their cell phones with their network of friends.”

The moblog widget is available for free at 3Guppies’ website. 3Guppies also recently launched an application with similar features for Facebook in October 2007 and offers the Moblog within their site for people that don’t have a MySpace page.

About 3Guppies
3Guppies understands the “3rd generation” of mobile users and their quest for self-expression, for multi-media on their mobile phones and for a way to stay connected with their social networks when offline. 3Guppies’ moblog, MySpace widget and Facebook application allow media such as photos and video clips to be shared with friends on just about any U.S. carrier for free. The Company, funded by VantagePoint Venture Partners, is headquartered in Seattle and has a satellite office in Indianapolis.

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