Walling Data and AVG Restore Pyramid Healthcare’s Efficiency

From: Walling Data
Published: Sun Jan 11 2009

Pyramid Healthcare, founded in 1999, provides behavioral healthcare services for people dealing with alcohol abuse, drug addiction, mental health disorders, and behavioral problems. The company has 23 locations across Pennsylvania, with an IT infrastructure that includes five servers, 240 workstations, and, until recently, a distinctly disjointed approach to antivirus protection.
Kevin Oconis, IT Manager at Pyramid Healthcare, knew he needed to adopt a standardized antivirus solution for the company’s network to make it run more efficiently. “When I started, we had a patchwork network of anti-virus solutions including Symantec and ClamWin,” he said. “I started my campaign for standardization almost as soon as I joined the company.”
“Already Sold” on AVG
Oconis had for many years trusted the protection of his home system to AVG Free Edition. “I was already sold on the idea of using an AVG solution for Pyramid Healthcare because I’d had great experience with AVG’s Free Edition version at home,” he noted.
“I had tried other “brand name” solutions, but it seemed I always had to make a trade-off between effective security and acceptable system performance. Only AVG provided the protection and performance I was looking for.”
Making the Case for Change
Oconis had already made up his mind about AVG, but he knew he would have to spend time building a case for the change to his superiors. “The challenge was convincing senior management of the value of standardizing on a single solution,” Oconis recalled. “Because large sections of Pyramid’s networks had been running ClamWin, an open source product, I had to justify the additional expense of moving the whole infrastructure to a single protection standard.”
He spent several months building his argument in favor of a switch to AVG. First, he compiled a ‘hit list’ of the major anti-virus software products on the market, obtained trial versions of each, and analyzed each product in terms of protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware. Not surprisingly, all the “big names” passed the detection tests.
Then it was on to performance testing on Pyramid’s distributed network. “AVG had a remarkably small footprint on our servers,” Oconis said. “We don’t have many high-spec computers, so we needed an antivirus solution that wasn’t going to monopolize valuable system resources. When I installed AVG, we found that the machines performed faster than with either Symantec or ClamWin. This gave me the ammunition I needed to prove AVG was the right solution for our network.”

The final step was the return on investment. So Oconis came up with a “what-if” scenario that detailed the consequences and costs if a virus were to penetrate the company’s network ??" an event which would clearly be more likely to happen with the then-current patchwork solution.
“When I presented his case to senior management, the choice was clear,” said Oconis. “I quickly received approval to move ahead with the switch to AVG.”
Finding the Right Supplier
Armed with management approval, Oconis went in search of a solid supplier that could help him through the transition. After interviewing several Authorized AVG vendors, he settled on Walling Data.
“I chose them because of the company’s personalized service,” Oconis remembered. “I was impressed from the word “go”, when an actual person answered my call instead of a machine.”
Walling Data is the longest-standing and highest-volume distributor of AVG Technologies solutions in North America, and the only supplier to offer all its customers - resellers and end-users ??" free, unlimited, U.S-based pre- and post- sales support.
In addition to great customer service, Walling Data also delivered on price. “Their cost was more than competitive, particularly when I took into account the Free US support, and so I went ahead with the purchase of 250 two-year licenses of AVG Network Anti-Virus.
“Switching to AVG has saved me countless hours of time that I would otherwise have spent ensuring all our workstations and servers remained protected,” Oconis said.
For more information on how to purchase AVG Anti-Virus from Walling Data, resellers and end users can visit http://www.avgantivirus.com
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About Walling Data
Founded in 1994, N.C.-based Walling Data is a value-added technology distributor of technology products for resellers, small businesses, and education and government institutions. Walling Data was the nation’s first distributor of AVG security products and today is the highest-volume distributor for the product in North America, with more than 50,000 satisfied customers. Walling is also the only value-added distributor for Cymphonix Network Composer, an award-winning device that helps companies control and monitor users compliance with internet usage policies. Additionally, the company has recently become a distributor of CyberPatrol’s parental control and business-grade web filtering solutions. Walling Data provides free, unlimited, U.S.-based phone and “we-do-it-for-you” remote support for all of its customers. For more information, visit www.wallingdata.com or http://www.avgantivirus.com

About AVG Technologies
AVG is a global security solutions leader protecting more than 80 million consumers and small business computer users in 167 countries from the ever-growing incidence of web threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. Headquartered in Amsterdam, AVG has nearly two decades of experience in combating cyber crime and one of the most advanced laboratories for detecting, pre-empting and combating Web-borne threats from around the world. Its free online, downloadable software model allows entry-level users to gain basic anti-virus protection and then to easily and inexpensively upgrade to greater levels of safety and defense in both single and multi-user environments. For more information, visit www.avg.com.

About Pyramid Healthcare:
Pyramid Healthcare was formed in 1999 and offers a wide range of residential and outpatient programs for individuals who are learning and practicing recovery and coping skills that result in positive growth and a better quality of life. Programs include a adult and adolescent drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, methadone maintenance programs, therapeutic group homes, and alternative schools. Pyramid Healthcare is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol Programs Licensing, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Office of Children, Youth and Families and the Office of Mental Health.

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