AviCheck Functionality Extended to Inflight Services - AviCharge Module Launched -

Published: Tue Sep 09 2008

AviIT, a leading provider of specialist IT based solutions for the aviation industry, is pleased to announce that its industry leading hand-held wireless solution ??" AviCheck ??" has now been extended for use InFlight.

Called "AviCharge", it is available to all aircraft equipped with SatCom capability and provides a real-time credit card approval and authorization tool for in-flight transactions.

Vince Doherty, Vice-President Sales and Business Development at AviIT, commented:

“By utilizing an aircraft’s SatCom system, AviCharge both removes the need for cash to be carried by staff, while at the same time allowing larger priced transactions to be securely processed real-time during the flight. As such, AviCharge will enable airlines to increase their in-flight revenue, while lowering the card fees and risks of fraudulent usage associated with traditional off-line credit card transactions.”

David Brown, CEO of AviIT, added:

"We are pleased to be introducing this latest product in response to our airline customers’ ever-growing needs. AviIT is committed to improving operational efficiencies and passenger experiences both on the ground and in-flight. AviCheck and its multiple modules are great examples of its diverse functionality.”


About AviIT

AviIT is a leading specialist in IT based solutions for the Aviation industry, in particular for airlines, airport authorities, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers. The company currently delivers four products that dramatically increase efficiency and reduce costs for the aviation industry.

eMan is a library management solution which enables all the maintenance and repair manuals required to service an aircraft immediately accessible any time, any place, and from almost any device
Archimedes is focused around making data transmitted via an aircraft’s ACARS link instantly available to ground staff operators in easily accessible formats allowing maintenance and repair operations to be readied in advance of an aircraft’s arrival
AviCheck is a handheld wireless system, which allows a variety of tasks to be performed remotely including check-in, baggage, customs, credit card transactions, etc.
BlueBox is an advanced in-flight entertainment system that provides exceptional revenue earning opportunities while also providing the best quality user experience available on the market today.


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Vince Doherty

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David Brown (AviIT - CEO) +44 (0)13 8362 0922

Christian Pickel +44 (0)20 7153 8036
(GTH Media Relations)
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