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Published: Sat May 02 2009

Holistic medicine fan, John Bonifant, is running the Holistic Medicine 365 Blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for and more! This blog will be the source of information for: holistic approach in medicine, history of holistic medicine, what is the definition of holistic medicine, pros cons on holistic medicine, holistic medicine cons, holistic alternative medicine, what is holistic medicine, holistic medicine for dogs, holistic medicine vs conventional medicine, insurance for alternative medicine and holistic health, foothill center for holistic medicine and more!

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This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding holistic medicine and natural health education, holistic medicine business, holistic medicine gerd, Veterinary Society of Holistic Medicine, African American holistic medicine, college of holistic medicine, controversies of holistic medicine, free holistic medicine course certificates, green holistic medicine, holistic blood pressure medicine, holistic medicine arthritis, holistic medicine boards as well as help focus awareness on kinds of holistic medicine.

"There is room for the holistic approach. Individuals take medications for joint pain, another drug for depression, still another for their stomach and so forth," says John Bonifant. "Most of these drugs just mask the symptoms and come with side effects; sometimes these prescriptions are very useful and necessary. But in Western medicine they tend to be over prescribed. The Journal of American Medicine reports that prescriptions are the 5th leading cause of death."

The http://holisticmedicine365.com blog is committed to providing the best holistic medicine experience anywhere. Designed for the quality natural medicine user, this blog posts information on holistic healing, holistic dog, holistic health, holistic cat, holistic pets, holistic pet treatment, holistic approach in medicine, history of holistic medicine, holistic therapy, holistic drug rehab, holistic rehab, holistic dentistry, holistic dentist, holistic veterinarian, holistic vet, holistic nursing, adhd holistic and body products information.

The http://holisticmedicine365.com blog helps interested people stay abreast of the latest news on holistic remedies for holistic select, holistic veterinarians, holistic dental association, holistic pet care, black holistic health, definition of holistic approach, holistic alternative medicine, holistic plmd, definition of holistic, holistic approach, holistic nursing theorist, American Holistic Health Association and more.

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