Hettich Quadro remains permanent fixture in hardware industry

From: Flammer Relations Inc.
Published: Wed Feb 28 2007

The Quadro drawer slide, which was developed in the 1980s by Hettich, has been used in millions of applications world-wide since its market introduction. From kitchen cabinetry to dishwasher pull-out shelves and office furniture, Quadro’s versatility, durability and popularity make it a technical standard for kitchen, living room, office furniture, household appliances and commercial applications.
In the office, Quadro moves everything from the slides for pull-out shelves to heavy file cabinets with ease, allowing drawers to effortlessly glide, regardless of the weight of the contents. The Quadro is even advanced enough to handle home entertainment systems with care, as well as living room and bedroom furniture.
The Quadro functions also carry over to the kitchen where Quadro continues to be recognized in the industry for smooth runner action and high load bearing capacity. These principles of the Quadro are seen particularly in the kitchen where the slides move standard, large and internal drawers with ease. The Quadro also is often used in refrigerator shelves, dishwasher racks and waste management areas within the kitchen. The Quadro withstands temperatures of up to 572°F in ovens and offers maintenance-free, long withstanding
function under thermal and chemical stress of a dishwasher. Today, Quadro drawer slides are used in a variety of appliances, including dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators and wine coolers.
Drawers and pull-outs that are combined with the Quadro V6 full extension bring drawer contents from the remotest areas of cabinets easily into reach. The Quadro drawer runner can be used for steel or wooden drawers, and drawers can be changed from partial to full extension without having to modify the drawer or the drilling dimensions, allowing interchangeability simple and without a hassle.
Quadro’s strength and versatility is ensured by precision steel ball bearings, which impart stability at every point. As forces are evenly distributed in all directions, maximum stability is assured both vertically and horizontally. An international standard endurance test guarantees that the Quadro is a match for the most strenuous applications.
Both manufacturers and consumers benefit from Quadro because the drawer slide’s perfected technical features are proven on a daily basis in home and office. With modifications, the Quadro offers solutions that cater to many diverse applications. Hettich continues to predict the desires of future consumers to ensure the drawer slide meets expectations and quality standards throughout the 21st Century.
Hettich America L.P. is a leading supplier of quality furniture hardware products and programs which carry innovative features and value added benefits. As part of Hettich International, Hettich America offers its customers the experience of one of the world's largest manufacturers of functional hardware. Hettich is known worldwide for guaranteed reliability,
advanced design and exacting standards. For more information on Hettich America, visit www.hettichamerica.com or call 1-800-HETTICH.
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